Big baby? No big deal we say! 

Big baby? No big deal we say! 

During your pregnancy have you been told that your baby is measuring big by your healthcare provider?

Often when babies are measuring “big” an induction or elective caesarean can be pushed onto birthing mothers in fear of shoulder dystocia (shoulders getting stuck once the head is born). ⁠

⁠A “big baby” usually refers to babies who are suspected to be born over 4000g, or over the 90th percentile for their gestation.⁠

⁠However, you’ve been misled! The thing is … ultrasounds are known to be historically inaccurate in being able to measure your baby’s weight.⁠

What does the research say?

Research also shows that fetal biometrics (or the measurements taken during an ultrasound) have a limited ability to predict shoulder dystocia. (Newman et al, 2022).⁠You can click here to check out more research. 

⁠Due to this inaccuracy, it is hard to make informed decisions on whether you require an induction or elective caesarean. ⁠

⁠If you’re suspected of having a big baby and induction or elective caesarean is been pushed on you, make sure you have done your own research to make an informed decision consider these points …⁠

  • ⁠The accuracy of the ultrasound result.⁠
  • What is the actual risk of shoulder dystocia? ⁠
  • What is the risk of waiting for a spontaneous birth with a ⁠suspected big baby vs being induced? ⁠
  • What is the risk of waiting for a spontaneous birth with a suspected big baby vs elective caesarean? ⁠


Our female bodies are truly amazing and capable of so much. If you’re starting to doubt yourself and your ability to birth your suspected big baby we have some great affirmations for you to maintain a positive mindset. You got this mama!

“My body is perfectly designed to birth my baby.” 

“I trust my body’s innate wisdom, to do what it is designed to do.”

“My baby and body work together in harmony.”

“My birthing muscles draw up, my cervix thins and opens easily.”

“I am totally aware of my body and my baby. We work together.”

“My body opens up and clears the path for my baby.”

“My body and baby know how to birth.”

Want to become more prepared, empowered, and positive for your birth? You’ve come to the right place. Click here to find a hypnobirthing class closest to you or click here to learn more about our Hypnobirthing Online Course.

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