Aria Rose, born 27 January 2015

Hi Melissa

Our daughter, Aria Rose, was born on Tue 27th of Jan at 11:41!! Weighing in at 6.2 pounds (2.8kg) she screamed the whole time she was being ‘born’ and is healthy as can be (except for a suspected case of colic).

We’re over the moon and are slowly adapting to being parents for this tiny little human. I’ve attached some pics for you to see.

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Kelly using hypnosis to remain calm & relaxed during her c-section

The birth was amazing – I was pretty worried about getting the spinal/epidural but barely felt it (thank god for glove of endorphins and the pain perception dial visualisation – I truly believe these techniques helped me).

I was calm and ready when the time came. I listed to my affirmations during the whole procedure and was able to have both skin to skin immediately and the vaginal swabbing (much to the midwife’s disbelief I think lol). I don’t believe anyone has ever requested the swabbing before so maybe (hopefully) we’ve started something!

Thank you to you again Melissa for all of your support during this pregnancy and for writing the amazing program for c-sections. It made it such a better experience than I think I would’ve had.

Love Kelly xx

hypnobirthing australia hypnosis hypnotherapy childbirth caesarean c-section cesarean caesarian

hypnotherapy hypnosis for childbirth

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