Eden Zephyr, born 29 January 2015

Here is a snippet of our hypnobirthing story and a huge thank you to our wonderful hypnobirthing coach Kassie Tubs from port Macquarie ❤️

Late on Thursday the 28th of January I had a minor bloody show and some sensations really low in my pelvis. Thinking not too much of it I didn’t bother texting my partner Anthony (a chef) and carried on with some last minute nesting. By the time he got home things were ramping up and we practiced some of our visualisations and light touch massage before we decided we should get some rest and get some sleep incase this was the real deal (I was in denial of anything eventuating so it was easy to fall a sleep!)

Fast forward to 4am and I was up on the toilet having a spew and breathing through what were my first few surges. I did this alone for a while and loved the feeling of having my own little secret that babe was on the way (I will cherish that magical feeling) eventually I woke Anthony up about an hour later. He quickly got me comfortable and played one of the scripts he had recorded in his own voice for me to listen too whilst he sorted out a few last minute hospital bag items and some food and drinks to keep me sustained! By 12pm Ant hadn’t left my side for hours as we switched from the shower to bedroom and back again he was an absolute star and my rock.

My sister in law Elle, a new graduate midwife, came over to help out and I have never felt so supported in my life these two held my space beautifully and were constantly sharing affirmations and deepening techniques when I needed most!

By 4pm we were out of hot water and I had lost my mucus plug hours earlier. We decided to head up to the hospital. After the craziest 10 minute car ride through peak hour traffic we arrived and were straight into the bath, hypnobirthing tracks on and my man by my side it was just us for a long time and the midwives we had really respected our birth preferences. This was a beautiful time holding each other and breathing our baby into the world. Our midwife popped in around 8pm and suggested a vaginal exam as she was hearing some bearing down noises it took me about 20 minutes to get out haha but as soon as I heard you have opened up beautifully your baby is ready we were straight back in and back in the zone! Swaying my hips in the water on all fours and two hours later our baby BOY Eden Zephyr was born gently into the world so alert and wriggly! We stayed in the bath just the three of us for about an hour until the placenta was ready to be born and just like that he was an individual. We left him attached to his placenta for 3 hours as we really wanted to honour their time spent together in my tummy. Four hours after he was born we were home and tucked up in bed! The most magical day of my life and I am so proud of the three of us for achieving such gentle beautiful birth.

Anthony I rave about our hypnobirthing experience and our midwives were ready to give Anthony a job they joked as his support was out of this world! The student midwife who followed us under the continuity of care program is hooked and even the paediatrician we saw a few days later had heard of our hypnobirth experience and had many questions and kindly stated “you really do reap what you sow”. Lastly our beautiful hypnobirthing coach Kassie Tubs what an experience you opened us up to thank you thank you thank you for your support and encouragement we couldn’t have had this experience without you!

Eden Zephyr born 29th January weighing a pudgy 7.2 pounds ❤️

Hayley and Anthony, Port Macquarie, NSW

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