Zaria Lee born 2 April 2012

You will be glad to hear John and I welcomed Zaria Lee into the world on Monday the 2nd of April at 4:37am.

It was a long but calm and peaceful labor lasting 50 hours. I experienced “the show” at 2:30 on Saturday morning, then had surges between 30-15 minutes apart until 6:30 Saturday night when they became a little more regular coming between 15-3 minutes. After having surges 3 minutes apart for a solid hour we made our way to the Mater Mother’s Hospital at 12:45pm Sunday and arrived there at a little past 1am Monday. At this point midwives told me bub was only 5cm, being so tired I began to think I’d had enough, but with the amazing support of John and my mum I continued to stay calm and breathe through surges.

My mum was amazed when I was being monitored, every time I had a surge, bubs heart rate went down, she was so calm and relaxed. Midwives told John and I what a great team we made. By 3am we were moved to a birth suite. At around 4am I decided a bath would be great to relieve some of the pressure, 20 minutes later my waters broke and I was being moved to the bed to birth our beautiful baby girl. Unfortunately I did “lose it” a bit and had very small amounts of gas through the last 45mins of surges, I also gave in to my urges (including the midwife) and “pushed”, I found it difficult to resist the “pushing sensation” and just let my body do what it felt like doing. At 4:37am our baby was sat on my chest, she did not cry at all and barely made a sound, midwives were a little worried she had breathed in too much mucus and took her to a table were she could be checked out, she is a very healthy baby weighing 7.25pounds, 49cm, John didn’t leave her side. While being checked over John went to grab her hand, she immediately grasped his pinky and took it to her mouth making sucking motions, she feeds very well. :)

So far Zaria is a very placid and calm baby and only gets upset when she is hungry or experiencing wind. I believe she is like this because of the wonderfully calm labor/birth she had which wouldn’t have happened without Hypnobirthing. The pregnancy was much the same due to the practice of hynobirthing everyday! John and I thank you for teaching us how to have a more calm and relaxing birth beneficial to him, myself and our baby.
Emma, John and Zaria.

IMG_0061-150x150p.s. Attached is a photo of me about an hour and a half before birth and one of baby Zaria.

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