Xavier Thomas born 25 September 2012

Jay and I are pleased to announce the arrival of our gorgeous baby boy. Xavier Thomas Devine. Born September 25th at 8:10pm, weighing 6.1 pounds at John Flynn Private hospital.

It truly was an experience we are in awe of. We feel truly blessed to have discovered Hypnobirthing. We were able to have the entirely natural birth we had prepared for. Surges began on Monday night at 10pm and from this point they were 10 minutes apart for 12 hours.

As the surges intensified my husband and I utilized many of the strategies including scripts, breathing and affirmations. We remained at home for as long as I felt comfortable and for me this was until my surges were 4 to 5 minutes apart. My body signaled it was ready to go as I threw up.We arrived at the hospital at 3pm Tuesday afternoon and were in the birthing suite for 5 and half hours birthing and 2 hours afterwards having skin to skin contact, bonding with our perfect little boy.

The techniques allowed me to conserve my energy and maintain focus on our end goal ” cradling our beautiful baby in our arms. From the beginning of our birthing my husband was right by my side and was integral to our birthing success. All of this we credit to the skills we learnt in class and of course our focused preparation leading up to our birth.

Xavier is indeed a calm but alert baby. He has latch beautiful and thoroughly enjoys his milk. He even left the hospital 50 grams heavier than his birth weight.

Thank you so very much for sharing the gift of Hypnobirthing with us!!! We will be spreading the word to every female we know. Until fear of birth is a distant memory for women far and wide.

Love Stephanie and Jay, Burleigh Waters, Queensland

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