World Release Hypnobirthing for Caesarean Birth MP3

Caesarean Birth MP3 TrackThree years ago, I developed a special course to prepare parents for c-section birth which is receiving national and international acclaim. It has always concerned me that parents who needed to have a caesarean birth did not have the same relaxation tools available to them.

Well ” as of this week ” that has changed!!!

Click here to download the world-release Hypnobirthing Australia™ MP3 album Caesarean Birth – Calm and Relaxed.

I am a passionate advocate for natural birthing, but I also recognise that sometimes the safest delivery for mother and baby is via c-section.

Caesarean Birth – Calm and Relaxed has been developed to assist mothers in preparing for a positive C-section birth. The first track can be listed to at any time. It can be played as you go about your regular tasks of the day, or during dedicated relaxation practice time.

The second track is professionally guided self-hypnosis, so it is important that you do not listen to this track whilst operating a moving vehicle or when engaged in an activity that requires attention.

The third track is designed to assist recovery. This can be listened to at any time.

Allow yourself to release any fears relating to your birth and positively anticipate the birth of your baby. Take some time out of your day, relax and enjoy this beautiful time as you bond with your baby and reprogram your subconscious mind for a calm and positive caesarean birth. Click here to download.

Melissa Spilsted – Hypnobirthing Australia™ Founder & Director

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