Wolfgang Orlan: Born 21 July 2015

I’m approaching the end of a week – the most amazing week of my life so far. On Tuesday morning (21 July) at 3.35am, I gave birth to my son Wolfgang Orlan (Wolfie) in a hypnobirth at Greenslopes hospital. My husband and I took our hypnobirthing classes in May and as many of you will agree, it was life-changing!

In the weeks leading up to the birth, I excitedly created my affirmations, enjoyed candle-lit bath time with music tracks and calmly progressed through my pregnancy. It was a bit of a wait as my ‘due date’ came and went. Then, in an appointment on Monday ( 40+9), my OB (Brad Robinson) suggested a Stretch & Sweep induction, as he knew we were after a natural birth. He joked that given my dilation I would be giving birth at 3am the next morning. Well, he was spot on – I started contractions at 12.15am, entered the hospital at 1.30am and gave birth at 3.35am. It was a calm, drug-free hypnobirth – just the way we dreamed.

I had the most amazing experience, thanks to the combination of my OB, my midwife and most importantly Melissa and Hypnobirthing Australia!! Here are a couple of pics – including one of me and Wolfie an hour or so after the birth.

Dani and Liam, Brisbane.

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