Taleah born 15 March 2014

Hypnobirthing Australia Gladstone Rockhampton Shari Lyon hypnobirth natural birth homebirth home birthThis beautiful birth story is by Shari who recently had her own (2nd) inspiring hypnobirth!

Well I would just like to share with you my even more amazing than the first… Birth Story.
After the beautiful experience that I had with Harley and with all that I have learnt in the last year as you know I was set out to make this birth even better than my first.
My little girl Taleah Jade was born on Saturday the 15th of March at 10:47am weighing 8 pound 11 ounces (a wee bit chubbier than her big brother who was 7 pound 7ounces).
I was 41 weeks and in the lead up to the birth trying every natural way possible to start labour but as everyone say babies know best and no matter what I tried she wasn’t coming till she was good and ready.
The couple of days before the birth I felt a few surges however nothing was consistent. I was getting regular acupuncture nearly daily leading up to birth, going for walks on the beach, sitting on the birth ball rotating my hips, Hubby was rubbing Clary sage into my feet nightly and I had even started to put the breast pump on to stimulate oxytocin. I think it all helped me to have the birth that I did and did help with starting a few surges.
I woke up around 3:30-4 am on Saturday morning with what I was sure was surges.. I welcomed them with open arms and was so excited that I couldn’t really keep resting like my husband had suggested. With my last birth I was in bed for most of the labour and I think this is the reason why the early stages of labour took so long and from start to finish Harleys labour lasted over 32 hours.. So for this one as soon as I felt them I was up and sitting on the birth ball. With every surge I would take my long slow surge breaths and rotated my hips on the ball at the same time. Straight up my surges were about 3 minutes apart but only lasting about 30 seconds so very easy to breath through.
As the morning went on we packed up my little boy Harley and he went for a play day with his best buddy around the corner. When Damien came back around 7:30am I told him I had contacted my midwife as my surges were already 2 min apart and lasting nearly a minute.
My midwife arrived around 8 am and started setting up the pool with my hubby in my lounge room. I had my beautiful music playing and my candles and crystals spread around my lounge. I found with each surge I was standing or sitting on the ball I wanted to rotate my hips and with each surge breath as I was breathing down I would put a little push with my breath and I could actually feel it helped to move baby down quicker. I was have more regular shows (mucus plug) and my midwife reassured me that it was a great sign as my cervix was thinning and opening. I didn’t lay down once for this birth and I really think this is what helped me have such a faster birth then my last.
I put the affirmations on repeat as each surge became stronger and stronger and I had created a slide show of pictures and affirmations to show up on my TV so they were constantly changing and helping with with my visualisations.
I then felt it was time to get in the birth pool. I thought that I was going to be in there for a while but as soon as I got in I my surges were really becoming powerful and in a good way. I started to go through transition and I knew it this time as I was getting hot and shaky but I was so much in my own zone that no one else in the room noticed. I then had my rest and be thankful phase. It was so lovely that I almost fell asleep as I leaned over the pool.
Hypnobirthing hypnobirth Gladstone Rockhampton Shari Lyon antenatal classes childbirth pregnancy natural birthThen my body started bearing down it was absolutely like my whole body took over and all I was doing was breathing through each surge. It was intense and I started to become quite vocal then I felt the urge to push and within 3 minutes my baby girl was born (compared to the 45 minutes I pushed with my son)
The emotions took over me and as I help my baby girl for the first time I was just overwhelmed and crying with joy (I am actually tearing up now thinking about it)
She was perfect and this photo I am sending you is one that was taken about a minute after her birth… I felt amazing and everyone keeps commenting on how well I looked.
I then birthed my placenta naturally (again I didn’t get to do this with Harley as I was told I wasn’t allowed) I had a shower while Damien had his skin to skin bonding time and then Taleah and I spent 2 hours having skin to skin in the comfort of my bed while everyone else packed everything up in the lounge.
I can honestly say that it was my PERFECT BIRTH and again it was all because of Hypnobirthing. My recovery has been so fast as well and when I tell people my story they cant believe it.
Lots of love
Shari, Damien, Harley and Taleah.
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