Solomon Lloyd born 3 December 2012

VBAC Hypnobub Solomon
VBAC Hypnobub Solomon

Our little man Solomon Lloyd was born 7lbs13oz on 3.12.12 his due date 🙂 We had a VBAC at RBWH, and I’m proud to say drug-free! He was posterior (despite over a month of trying to turn him!) so the labour was a little drawn out, and the last few hours felt like one continuous contraction, BUT Luke and mum were awesome and reminded me to breathe, and I repeated “every surge brings my baby closer to me” over and over in my head ;)

I can definitely say the main difference Hypnobirthing gave me is that with Elijah’s (our first) birth, I felt more and more anxiety as it approached, then spent the labour telling myself it would be the most painful day of my life and that I didn’t want to do it, so of course, I “failed to progress” and ended up needing an emergency cesarean. With this birth, I felt more and more excited as the day approached, and when I realised I was in labour I couldn’t be happier! I listened to my affirmations, relaxations and soft music, had a bath with some essential oils, and basically had a ball being pampered while we waited to leave for the hospital hehe. Every time the surges became closer we had a little celebration :)

So I would like to say THANK YOU for changing my whole perspective on birth!

Solomon is an awesome chilled-out little guy. He is super peaceful and mostly just sleeps, but when he’s awake he loves to stare at you with this intent little look on his face like a wise old man lol we love him :)”

Madeleine and Lucas, Brisbane (July course)

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