Should ‘One Born Every Minute’ Be Banned?

There is some controversy going on in the UK at the moment. A natural birth coach from Nottingham has called for Channel 4 series One Born Every Minute to be banned because, she says, it is “terrifying women” about childbirth and what to expect in labour.

"One Born Every Minute" by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia
“One Born Every Minute” by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia

Well – I agree with her. I have placed a blanket ban (for mums I teach) on watching ‘One Born Every Minute’ for years! I would like to either see it banned, or drastically changed. Oh, and I would also like to see all violence removed from television too, but that is another story.

I know, I know, plenty of people will be up in arms about my strong opinion here. I understand that many people love the ‘drama’ of One Born Every Minute and some have told me that they even feel ‘better prepared for birth’ after watching it. Hmmmm. Well – I’m sticking my neck out here and saying…  “I just don’t agree – I think it does more damage than good.”

The question I would ask is, “What type of birth are you wishing to prepare for?” If it is one of drama – then you are watching the right show! If you wish to prepare for a calm and positive birthing experience, then I would suggest that instead of playing roulette with your mind (as you never know what type of birth is going to be presented and some are quite traumatic), that you prepare yourself with positive depictions of birth.

We humans are highly visual beings, and we never know what effect a negative birth video is going to have on our subconscious mind. I have known of women who have been scarred on a deep level (to the point of never wishing to have children) after being shown negative and traumatic birth videos.

On a conscious level, you may feel that the traumatic births you are witnessing are not affecting you; however it is the subconscious mind that holds our dreams, hopes, fears, beliefs, habits, emotions etc. and it really drives our decision making and thought processes. Be careful of the images, words, stories, thoughts about birth that are being planted at a subconscious level; as they are powerful!

For the mothers that I teach, I figure that if they are going to the effort of learning hypnobirthing (either in face-to-face classes or via our online course) and maintaining a positive mindset throughout their pregnancy – then why would they risk being subjected to negative depictions of birth?

As Ghandi wisely said, ” “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

A major message that we give through our course is “Focus on the birth that you want.” Inundate your subconscious with images of the type of birth that you wish to have.

We show some amazingly beautiful and inspiring births in our Hypnobirthing Australia classes. If it is more birth videos that you crave – well head on over to our Hypnobirthing Australia YouTube Channel – and top that subconscious up with plenty of positive depictions of birth!

Focus and prepare for the birth that you want, keep your images of birth positive and don’t let others walk through your mind with their dirty feet!

Melissa x


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