Dylan, born 5 October 2015

Recently, hypnobirthing mama-to-be, Jacqui, was one of the first to ‘test out’ our new ‘Baby, Come Out!‘ album.

Jacqui wrote to me saying, “My due date is today, and I’m pretty keen to get this baby moving (ANY way that I can). I think I’m also very excited about trying out my new hypnobirthing skills! lol Hoping you can help! Not wanting my OB to mention the word ‘induced’ at my appointment on Monday…”

So we sent her the new ‘Baby, Come Out!’ track, pre-release… and then on Monday we received THIS wonderful news!

Hi Melissa!

Just letting you know that I delivered a healthy baby boy this morning. Surprised us a little and arrived in the bathroom, after a 3 hour labour.

I used the induction track (Baby, Come Out!) a few times over the last few days. Fell asleep each time, and did with all of my other hypno stuff too. But maybe I was just in a really deeply relaxed state??? Lol. (I would frequently wake up drooling, so it’s probably safe to assume I was asleep….)

I was meant to have an appointment at 4 this afternoon. My private OB had asked me last week ‘when I wanted to be induced’. I told him I didn’t, but was worried that he’d pressure me to be, or that things wouldn’t happen naturally within the week or two and I would have to make that choice myself. I had never had any issues with this sort of thing, until I read the hypnobirthing book. It made complete sense to me. And while I would never CHOOSE to have a home birth (too scared of not having medical support on standby), I could understand why people would choose to go down that path. I had low supply issues with my first baby (epidural, forceps), so was pretty desperate to have a natural, drug free birth, as a way of giving feeding the best possible start.

I thought I was going to die. Turns out, things had just moved super fast. And before I knew it, my partner (who just sat across the room last time and didn’t even want to LOOK when our first son was born) was calling 000 and lifting me out of the bath to deliver our baby himself.

I felt a lot of pain, I won’t lie. And I was SO annoyed and wanting to quit because I felt like I hadn’t managed to ‘master’ the hypnobirthing thing…. BUT, I now realise, what preparation I had done and the relaxation I was working so hard on at the time, was most likely what made things go so fast this time.

I got exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier! Can’t believe the amazing bond my partner and I now share.

Thanks so much for sending me that track! It gave me hope and allowed me to relax knowing I had another avenue to get things moving, without medical intervention. Really appreciate it. 🙂

He is doing so well. Relaxed, happy and sleeping like a dream!

This is a photo of our little Dylan, 8 lb 3 born on 5/10/15 at 2.51am.


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