Riley born 16 Sept 2012

photo-1-300x225I just wanted to let you know that our beautiful baby boy was born Sunday morning at 11.30am. My water broke at 3 in the morning and I had contractions but 3.30 I was at the hospital at 7.30 the midwife told me that unless I wanted to be put on an iv to induce labour I needed to go home and wait for labour to progress even though my surges were only minutes apart because I was smiling to much to be in established labour so we decided to go home we only made it down the road when I said I had to go back because they were just too close an strong I knew I wouldn’t make another car trip on the trip back I became hysterical telling Greg I couldn’t do it which wasn’t like me because I couldn’t wait to see my beautiful baby. When we got back to the hospital the midwife took my blood pressure and pulse and messed around with my paperwork she still hadn’t checked to see how far along my labour was and was told there was no rush because ‘being a first baby he wouldn’t be born for hours’ it wasn’t until I told her I had to the toilet (which was silly because I should have put it all together by now) that i had my first check and the baby was crowning and to add to the situation Greg had a seizure in the delivery room they moved me out of the room really quickly before I even realized what was happening. against all odds Riley was born naturally and met his dad for the first time in the ED. Not exactly a textbook Hypnobirthing situation but I was still able to have to natural birth I had been planning. I’m now home and Riley is amazing and beautiful I never want him to put him down and Greg should be out of hospital tomorrow :) thank you so much for everything while my birth was chaotic and not exactly relaxed the course helped me so much leading up to the birth that even with everything going on around me I was still able to have the natural birth  I wanted :)
Kristyn and Riley, Upper Coomera, Gold Coast
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