Our positive planned home water birth turned home free birth

Sarah’s Birth Story

Sharing our positive planned home water birth turned home free birth on the 29/06. Without the hypnobirthing course I don’t think I would have had such a calm positive birthing experience

Sunday morning I woke up with my body slightly tightening so organised for both of my older two kids to go and stay at my mums house as I thought things might progress quickly

Unfortunately they never really picked up until Sunday evening where I would say I was getting 1 tightening every half an hour to hour. This continued all night resulting in not being able to get any sleep as they were strong enough to keep me awake but weren’t too painful and kept at this rate well into Monday afternoon where things started to pick up a little

From about 4pm Monday afternoon I was getting surges every 4 minutes to 30 that were lasting anywhere between 15 second and 1 minute 30 seconds. Majority of the surges were not painful and I was able to focus and breath through them with the help of the TENS machine

Around 9:30pm things started to progress and I was getting surges every 4-10 minutes which were lasting anywhere between 30 seconds and 1 minute so we gave the midwife team a call to give them a heads up so they could start to prepare to organise someone to come out to our house to assist with her birth and they said to call back a little later once things were closer to 4 surges every 10 minutes

Hubby and I were trying to keep busy and were watching Netflix all night as we thought we were going to be in for a long night

We ended up calling them back around the 3:30am mark as things seemed to be ramping up but still quite weren’t at that 4 in 10 mark with some periods of my surges being further apart so they asked us to wait a little longer as they didn’t think things were that close yet

I ended up starting to drift in and out of sleep as I had barely slept since Saturday night and things had died down a little but I ended up have 3 quite large surges between 10 to 15 minutes apart which went for about 1 and a half minutes each and then about 5:15am when I was half asleep my waters popped and went everywhere.

My husband got on the phone straight away to call the team to get them out but while he was still on the phone, my body had already started pushing out Alaska so I called him over to help deliver her. I could feel myself starting to freak out but quickly snapped out of it and remembered my breathing and felt an instant wave of calm come over me, all while I was explaining to my husband how to deliver her. 6 minutes later at 5:21am we had our baby girl in our arms before our team arrived


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