Our midwives thanked us for letting them be a part of such a wonderful natural birth!

Hello team!
We welcomed our beautiful little daughter, Odette on 26/9/19.
We had an amazing birth (although we couldn’t have our waterbirth, as no one qualified was on duty). I used the mantra ‘I will calmly meet whatever path my birthing takes
We stayed at home until I was 5cm dilated, listening to my affirmations and rainbow mist and sniffing clary sage.Erin laying with baby Odette
Active birth was about 11 hours, 27 hours in total.
I just used the Entonox gas and oils throughout the birth and listened to a calming playlist that I had made.
I had terrible back pain as well as her spine was on my spine (posterior)but with the help of our amazing midwives, was able to turn her using upright positioning over the top of the bed. I Birthed in this position.
I chose to birth the placenta naturally and everything went well. Unfortunately, I had a 2.3l haemorrhage afterwards and spiked a 40-degree temperature but I kept in the calm headspace. Odette was given to Tyson, who was in shock at what was happening, but I still got the skin to skin and breast milk into her, before she, unfortunately, needed Iv antibiotics like me.
Our midwives thanked us for letting them be a part of such a wonderful, natural birth and said that it is rare to see these days.
My birthing day was honestly the best of my life, the connection and support I had from Tyson, was like nothing else. I would go back and do it all again in a heartbeat to relive that moment when our precious girl entered the world.
It feels surreal that she is here and it is emotional to think she has left her own little protected space inside my tummy.
She is a lovely little girl, we are truly blessed to be her parents.
New parents Erin & Tyson holding baby OdetteThank you so much, Melissa. Without your guidance and the hypnobirthing program, I do not think we would have had the birth that we had.
Tyson and I are sending positive vibes for everyone’s birthing day and can’t wait to hear your stories.
Warm regards
Erin, Tyson and Odette xx
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