Positive Caesarean Birth, born 9 December 2015

A Positive Caesarean Birth Story

Hi Melissa,

I have been meaning to email you to let you know how our birthing experience went. We had beautiful healthy baby girl 3.18kgs and 53cms long.

I had given a list of my birthing requests to the midwife and doctor beforehand, they included calm and relaxing atmosphere with surrounding lights dimmed, relaxing music, baby to be slowing lifted from incision and drape dropped so I could see the baby, delayed cord clamping, immediate skin to skin with weighing etc to happen after we returned to room, vaginal swabbing, and for baby to stay with myself or brad at all times, all of which they said would be fine. Only exceptions were the dimmed lights and the vaginal swab, the doctor said they do not do vaginal swabs but I explained the midwife had told me previously that the midwives on the day would do it.

So we arrived at 7am on Wednesday 9th December and we went straight in and they got us ready to be prepped for surgery, we sat in then waiting room and as we waited I listened to the affirmations and felt very relaxed. Then I was taken in alone to be prepped which I did not anticipate, I thought Brad would be with me the whole time but I kept breathing and stayed calm. As I was having the cannula put it (which she had to do twice and the first one wasn’t right) the midwife came in and said to me they would not be able to do the vaginal swab as it was a sterile environment and it could compromise that, also said they would try to have the cord clamping delayed as long as possible but the surgeon is very efficient and does not usually delay the clamping very long, I was in a relaxed state so I just said okay and at that point there was really nothing I could do anyway.

Once they had administered the spinal and I was on the table ready to go, my partner was back by my side and started playing the relaxation music while stoking my face and forehead. Just before they started the surgery the midwife came and told me that they would also not be able to delay the weighing etc until we returned to the room, they would have to do it quickly at the time then bring baby straight onto my chest for skin to skin, once again I just said okay.
I felt very relaxed the whole time and before I knew it I heard a little tiny cry and I burst into tears of joy, they lowered the drape so I could see as they slowly lifted our baby out, I remember just waiting for her to be lifted high enough so I could see the sex then I blurted out through my tears, it’s a girl! I looked at my partner and he had a tear in his eyes as he kissed me, it was a wonderful moment!. Brad then went to be with our daughter as they quickly weighed and measured her, they also left some of the cord so he could cut it, the cord was not delayed as long as I would of liked but they did pull her out slowly which I guess delayed it a little.
They then brought her to me and placed her skin to skin on my chest, she seemed really calm and was not crying at all, I was crying of course as it was the most overwhelmingly happy moment of my life. She stayed with me from then on and we had many many hours of skin to skin over the next 3 days in hospital and once we got home.

We struggled a little with breastfeeding at the start, I had lots of colostrum so the nurses expressed it for me and they gave me plenty of help and encouragement. I kept positive about it and with the advice I had been given eventually we both worked it out and we are still going strong. I also listened to the affirmations for recovery and my recovery went well.

We now have a very content 3 month old baby who feeds and sleeps well and barely ever cries, we are loving every precious moment with her.
I now look forward to using hypnobirthing hopefully with a VBAC for our second child but if it doesn’t turn out that way I know I am prepared for what ever happens.

Thank you so much for everything Melissa, the skills and support you gave us are invaluable and we will be forever gratetful for the wonderful work you do. You are amazing!!xo


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