Olivia Grace born 2 December 2011

388411_10150437753512149_360037147148_8808038_600745851_n-300x200Just a quick email to let you know that our little girl, Olivia Grace arrived on 2/12/11 (15 days early according to EDD).  Olivia weighed 6lb 9oz.  From the time my waters broke (at my work Christmas party!) until Olivia arrived was 10.5 hours.

It was an amazing drug free, natural birth.  My obstetrician was there for the final 45 minutes and was immediately commenting on what a beautiful birth it was and how easily I breathed her down.  It wasn’t easy, and doubt crept in at times, however being re-focussed time and again to the learned techniques really made a difference.  Again over coming days he (OB) continued to make similar comments about how well he thought the birth went.  We have also later laughed to ourselves as staff asked in the days after Olivia’s birth how my pain was and did I need any “more” medication.  I’ve still not had even a paracetamol.

Nick has since spoken about the benefit he saw in the breathing techniques and how playing the affirmations and relaxations really prompted a noticeable change in how I was going throughout the birth.  I couldn’t have had the birth I did without the encouragement and support from Nick.  I even used the relaxation on one evening while in hospital to assist me to get some sleep.

Thank you Melissa for sharing these invaluable skills with us both!

Danielle & Nick, Kenmore, Brisbane

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