Natural Ways to induce labour

 Natural Ways to induce labour

Natural Ways to induce labourIf you find yourself getting well past your ‘estimated’ due date (remember that a normal pregnancy is considered to be anywhere between 37-42 weeks), There are some natural ways you can help encourage labour to start. 

So, how can you help encourage labour to start?
  • Hypnosis:

We recommend listening to our Hypnobirthing track – Baby, come out! Or The Journey Fear Release (script or track). Our Baby, come out! track provides you with lots of positive messages of encouragement for baby to come earth-side. 

Our The Journey Fear Release track allows yourself to release any fears relating to your birth and positively anticipate the birth of your baby. Take some time out of your day, relax and enjoy this beautiful time as you bond with your baby and reprogram your subconscious mind for a calm and positive birth experience.

  • Lots of sex, clitoral, and nipple stimulation:

 This helps your body naturally release oxytocin. Oxytocin plays a role in initiating labour. 

 Acupressure is said to increase blood flow to the uterus which influences hormonal responses and stimulates uterine contractions (surges). There are some major acupressure points for your body that help induce labour naturally. We go through these (and other major acupressure points for pregnancy, labour, birth, and breastfeeding) in our Hypnobubs course

  • Chiropractic adjustment:

This helps open up the muscles and joints of the pelvis which can assist the baby to move down and create pressure against the cervix by stimulating labour. 

  • Massage:

One of the massage techniques we teach in our Positive Birth Program is light touch massage. Light touch massage helps your body naturally produce oxytocin which we know helps initiate labour. 

  • Hot and spicy food:

Spicy food causes some degree of gastrointestinal distress, which can sometimes stimulate uterine contractions. 

  • Reflexology:

Reflexology hits acupressure points in your foot which triggers a hormonal response and stimulates uterine contractions (surges).  

The homeopathic extract of Caulophyllum thalictroides is proposed to be useful in establishing labour. 

  • Warm bath with drops of ‘Clary Sage”, candlelight, music, and visualise the opening of the lotus flower
  • Walking, walking, walking:

By staying active gravity will help your baby move down the birth path. The lower part of your spine can move better when upright which means the birth path can widen and make room for the baby’s head

Essential oils can help induce more effective contractions and help with the process of labour. Click here for more information.

Raspberry leaf tea is a popular herbal remedy often recommended for pregnant women, particularly in the third trimester. There is some evidence that suggests that raspberry leaf tea may help prepare the uterus for labor and potentially assist in the labor process.

Something important to remember:

If for medical reasons you need to be induced, remember that it is still possible to have a calm and positive birth. Click here to read our positive birth stories section of our website read stories of other hypnobirthing parents who have been induced for special reasons, and still had a positive birth experience. 

Have trust in yourself, your amazing body, and your beautiful little baby. 

To find face-to-face classes click here.  

We also have online options available. Click here for further info.

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