Nathaniel Marcus born 22 April 2013

natural birth mackay hypnobirthing hypno birth hypnobirth calm gentle breathing antenatal classSo little Nate arrived on Monday at 1:01pm at the birth centre 6pounds and 49cm long and a head circumference of 33 cm. I’m so happy he was a small baby but he came early so that would be why.
So I guess you could call my labour a long one. We had about 50 hours of Pre labour and 8 hours of true labour. I woke up saturday morning at 3am having 10min apart contractions and this carried on all weekend. I was quite concerned by sunday morning because by this time i had had no sleep and was so exhausted i felt my mental strength was breaking down. We went into the hospital and they explained i had irritable uterus and gave me some sleeping tablets and told me to go home and rest because i needed my strength for when labour came on. I had managed to get home that afternoon and get four hours sleep and by the monday morning my contractions were finally closer together and 6 min apart. Even though we knew to stay home until they were closer together our midwife was worried considering i had not slept all weekend and told us to come in at 5:30am so they can check me out and i can get comfortable at the birth centre suite.  I consistantly used my hypno birthing breathing throughout my contractions and managed to save enough energy for the following hours to come which the midwives were amazed considering how little sleep i had. Because i was in such a relaxed state and made little noise through my contractions the midwife i had on the first shift that morning didnt bother to check me it wasnt until 10:30am when Doris my amazing midwife got there came over to me and i said i think you might need to check soon and she was suprised to say i was 8cm. I got in the water calm and relaxed  for awhile. Apparently the doctors were outside hovering trying to get in to promote a c section but thankfully my midwife knew how important it was to me to do this naturally and guarded the door and put me in so many positions to bring nate down and ready.
I ended up not following my birth plan and giving birth in the water like i wanted, but in the end the position i was in had me hugging my partner while he supported me standing up when little nate decided to crown. ( Midwife suggested as less likely to tear and she followed through and helped provide a birth with no tearing)  
I would have to say My hypno birth did not pan out the way we wanted but in the end it helped me to have the natural child birth that i wanted. Hypno Birthing saved me and allowed me to store just enough energy after a a long and tiresome labour to bring our beautiful son into this world. 
My midwife was so impressed with how i handled my contractions, the support and connection my partner josh had with me and how i got through an ordeal most women would call too much with a smile on my face that she has asked me for Melissa’s details and wants to attend the Hypnobirthing course herself.
Thank you Mel xxx

Kimberly & Josh, Mackay, Queensland


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