My OBGYN said it was the Best Birth he has seen in years!

Hi Mel,

I would just like to thank you for your Hypnobirthing Online Course, I had a high intervention birth with my son so was determined to do everything I could for a better delivery with our little girl and it was the most amazing experience I could have asked for! I listened to the Surge of the Sea and affirmations daily for weeks leading up to labour which I think made a huge difference with my mindset along with breathing my way through the whole labour.
I laboured at home for 6 hours which was so good – we felt calm and in control and then went into the hospital when I felt everything was too intense and arrived at 8cm, jumped in the shower until I had the urge to push then delivered on hands and knees. No tearing and drug-free, my OBGYN said it was the best birth he has seen in years and I had a few midwifery students observing as they said it was unique to see such a natural birth so I couldn’t have been happier.
Thank you so much for all you do I felt the course among other things I did such as acupuncture and prenatal yoga helped me have the birthing experience I wanted.
Many thanks,

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