Maggie Lucia born 23 May 2012

Dear Melissa,

I have been meaning to write for weeks to let you know how our birth went. On the 23rd of May our ‘little’ Maggie Lucia (Lu-chia) Moss was born, she was 8 pounds and 14 ounces and perfectly healthy.

I am really happy with the way my birth went but I was a bit disappointed when both midwives were telling me to push (Eli was telling me not to, but in the end I did) when Eli had asked them if they had our preferences and they said they did, it all went too fast for us to sit and go over them. I was transferred to the RBWH quite late at 36 weeks and didn’t get on the midwife team there and even when we arrived for the birth we had to explain again why we weren’t at Mater (we moved to the north side). But aside from needing stitches it was perfect; we had a drug free, intervention free natural childbirth and were able to stay at home until I was really ready. We got to the RBWH at 9am, my waters broke around 11am and at 12.25pm Maggie was born!  I still can’t believe I did it, Eli was such a great support and so well prepared because of the classes. We’re both so pleased in our choice to do Hypnobirthing.

Thank you for helping us have a smooth calm birth I hadn’t thought possible.

Stina, Eli and Maggie, Brisbane

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