Lucy Grace Evangeline born 25 March 2013

Hi Melissa,

20130325_125530-1-300x291.jpgI just wanted to send you an email quickly to let you know our precious girl Lucy Grace Evangeline was born at 820am this morning. She weighed 11lb (5kg) (seriously!) & a head circumference of 36.5cm!

I had a beautiful, calm, completely intervention & drug free hypnobirth in the birth pool at John Flynn. I wasn’t checked once for dilation & once in the water they used a portable doppler. It felt like we were in our own little world. No tearing or trauma to me or bub. The music, candles, breathing, relaxation etc was the perfect set up for a wonderful birth. I cannot describe in words the difference between Lucy’s birth & my son’s. I wish everyone could do Hypnobirthing!

Also, I couldn’t believe our luck when the lovely midwife we got was a Hypnobirthing teacher! Our obstetrician stood by as an observer & just jumped in at the very end to check me out.

I am a massive advocate for Hypnobirthing, I can’t believe the difference it made. I remember doing the J breathing & thinking, this can’t be it, maybe I’ve got it wrong, it’s not hurting enough & nobody’s checked to make sure I’m fully dilated. But I could actually feel her moving through the birth canal, I still can’t believe it.

The best part was I woke up at 3am with 3 surges every 10 minutes (I’d slept through the rest). I woke Jason up & he didn’t believe I was in labour. Things quickly intensified though &we arrived at hospital at 530. My membranes released walking in & she was born at 820am. I honestly don’t even feel like I’ve given birth, no soreness or anything!

I’ve spoken to a few midwives here cos they keep dropping in to see my 11lb baby & talk about Hypnobirthing. Alot of them have recently become trained & they are trying to incorporate it into the hospital & teach courses here too. I thought you’d be stoked at that news!

Thank you so much Melissa, you gave me the knowledge, skills & confidence to have the most beautiful birth I could imagine.

Melissa, Jason, Jack and (not so) little Lucy, Gold Coast xx


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