Lucas Charles born 16 April 2013

Hypnobirthing hypnobirth hypno birthing antenatal classes childbirth natural birth techniques labourJust a quick email to thank you a million times over. I will FOREVER be grateful for allowing me the most perfect birth I could have ever imagined.
Lucas Charles was born at 9.32pm last night (arriving 2 weeks early!) after a 3.5 hour natural water birth ” no tears and 2 and a half pushes! What was even more shocking to me was I was one of those silent birthing mothers that I couldn’t believe existed! In all honesty I can say I never experienced real ‘pain’, only very intense pressure and tightenings. Just as you taught in class, I let go of all fear & tension and fully relaxed into the surges, trusting my body to know what to do and it worked ” better than I ever could have wished.
I have to add also that Pete did an absolutely amazing job as my birth partner and took such good care of me. The light touch massage really worked for me even in the latter stages where I thought I wouldn’t want to be touched and as he knew exactly what kind of birth we wanted he was my voice the whole birth while I was in such a deep state of relaxation ” making sure the midwife knew of all our wishes (heard him once whispering “your not going to tell her to push are you?!” ). Thank you for the knowledge you gave him that empowered him to play such an important, supportive role ” I could not have done it without him.
Thank you again, I can’t wait to spread the word :)
Melanie, Pete, Sophie & baby Lucas
p.s (four days later) We are going really well ” you are right, Lucas is the most settled, calm baby. He hardly ever cries, sleeps so well and when he is awake ” like I have heard you describe so many other Hypnobirthing bubs ” is so alert and content.
Hypnobirthing hypnobirth hypno birthing antenatal classes childbirth natural birth techniques labour
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