Lotus Winter, born August 2015

Hi Melissa,

I wanted to thank you so much for everything that you taught me through the hypnobirthing course.
Before the birth of my daughter every night I listened to my hypnobirthing tracks and would listen to the affirmations whilst I was in the bath as I planned on having a water birth. I did a lot of preparation with all of the tools that you gave me.

From when my labour began I was playing the affirmation track and I had it on repeat for the following hours whilst I breathed through the surges. The track helped me to get into the zone and into a deep state of tranquility and relaxation whilst my body and mind rode the waves.
For the first few hours I was laying on my side in what I have described felt like my own personal cocoon.
Once I got the ok to get into the water my labour progressed and it was not long until I was in transition, I had a moment when I was 9cm dilated and I wanted to escape, to run away, but these feelings were quickly replaced when I heard “you are a strong woman” and almost immediately I let out a lot of primal noises and Lotus entered the world.

I had this other moment in transition where it felt like I had to surrender and shed all the skins of my past to be reborn as her mother, it was such an intensely spiritual birth! I said after she was born that I wanted to do it all again?.

It was beyond beautiful and the best experience of my life.

I must say that through my whole pregnancy when I thought of birth or watched a birth where a woman made any noise it made me feel queasy and scared me. I quickly learnt during my labour that my body and mind was helped by the vibration of noises I made at some stages and that it isn’t a bad thing at all 🙂

I highly recommend hypnobirthing and believe that because of my hypnobirthing classes with you my birth was so amazing. I am so thankful.

Jessica, Gold Coast, Australia.

Lotus and Daddy birth hypnobirthing natural birth hypnobirth gold coast
Lotus and Daddy having skin to skin
best birth hypnobirthing natural birth hypnobirth gold coast
Jessica and baby Lotus have a cuddle
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