Our Naturally Beautiful and Quick Birth Story of Lily

295848_10150314552777149_360037147148_8230725_1527540726_n1-199x300Hi Melissa,
Sorry we haven’t been in touch, have thought about you often and
wanted to let you know what a beautiful quick birth we had…i truly
believe that our wonderful experience was based on Shane and I
attending your Hypnobirthing Course…

I remember speaking to you with only 8 weeks to go and wasn’t sure
whether that was enough time to embrace what Hypnobirthing was all
about and to practice the meditations and techniques…but what I came
to realize was it was a state of mind… not only about practicing the
meditations and exercises..
It really eliminated our fear..particularly Shane’s..in a matter of a
few weeks he went from being quite unsure and fearful of me going into
labour…and about how he could be a part of the whole birthing
experience…to him feeling quite empowered and confident and ready
for her to arrive at home, if she chose too..lol
We were sitting at home on a Saturday night when I started to notice
that I was having surges every 10-15 min, I had some friends ring me
from a party we were meant to attend and Nardia and I joked about
maybe it was all going to happen soon…i went off to bed not thinking
too much about it..Did the numerous trips to the loo during the night
when i noticed that my plug had started to come away…I actually
waited an hour and then woke Shane and said “Maybe Today We Might Have
Our Baby”..Well in no time he is out of bed having a shower and then
started vacuuming the house..lol..He did all the nesting, not
me..lol..We made sure we were ready to go if we felt we needed to…so
I then went and curled up under the doona and just did my rainbow
relaxation, affirmations and breathing exercises that i had been doing
a couple of times a day for the 7 weeks beforehand…come 2pm that
day, they weren’t any closer or more intense so we decided to go for a
walk down to the beach..By the time we came back home, everything had
stopped..We just reminded each other of what it said in our
book..About she will arrive when she is ready…and with the
philosophies we had about birthing…NOT A MOMENT SOONER..
You know we spent the next 9 days like that…Each day I had periods
of a few hours of surging every 10-12min and then they would stop for
a few hours and then start…there came the afternoon that I think
Shane rang you because i had some bleeding..We went to the hospital
and they determined that they really weren’t sure where it was coming
from and that they just wanted me to stay overnight to
observe…Having written our Birth Plan based on our wishes for no
intervention and feeling very empowered and confident with knowing
what was happening to my own body and with Shane’s unrelenting
support..They barely touched me…We asked them the questions that we
had discussed in the course about what were the risks and what would
happen if we chose to do nothing etc..We left the next morning and
they just said if there was anymore bleeding to come back…
We came home…Shane went into cleaning the shed out…nesting
again.lol….went about our day.I must say that I started to doubt my
ability to know when I would go into labour because it had just felt
like it was happening so many times and the surges just didn’t get any
closer together and no more intense…but they were stronger than any(
As they say Braxton Hicks) I had had and were so consistent..That
night in the first half of the State of Origin I went to the toilet
and had a little bit of spotting so we called the hospital and after
45min we decided that we should maybe go because that was what they
had said to us (mind you the midwife wasn’t really concerned if we
just wanted to stay at home)We went back to the hospital not feeling
any particular concern..We were certainly under the impression that
they would just monitor the baby, see the doctor and go back home..the
doctor was in surgery, the birth suite was very quiet..so they
monitored the baby for half an hour and once again could see that they
were consistent but of no great intensity…i did notice at that point
that about every 4th or 5th one was slightly more tense..while lying
there waiting for the doctor to come back up I went to the toilet to
pee…and my waters broke…and OMG at that point I called Shane in
and said “oooh i dont think I can do this”..the intensity was there
instantaneously..He helped me to focus in a very short amount of
time..And I could hear your voice say”when you doubt yourself…know
that you are in..what they call transition… and you are about to
have your baby”..Well ..my head wanted to get in there and say,,no
this is all happening too quick, it couldn’t be happening yet…You
know we went from the toilet to the birth suite and I did ask her to
tell me how far I was dilated..And she said”I’m not going to check
just yet because I don’t want you to be disappointed”…Fancy that!I
could also hear you say, you know what..Don’t even bother to ask
them,because they will tell you da da da…lol as she did! I started
to breath into my uterus and use my breathing to start to nudge her
down the birth path.At this point I knew I wanted to move into the
shower with Shane supporting me with affirmations and reminding me
that I was truly capable of doing this, as I knew that it was
happening NOW…I just focused on using our exercises to nudge her
down as I certainly knew that it was time..It had been for the past
few mins..I did happen to ask him to tell me if that was what I
thought it was..lol..The midwife who happened to pop her head in the
door proceeded to look for the torch as the room was very dimly lit,
shone it and Shane just said to me yes you are crowning and the
midwife(he said he could see the surprise on her face) asked Shane if
he was okay, as we had discussed our Birth Plan with her and asked
that we would like to not have them intervene…She went to the door
and watch from a distance as Shane received our beautiful little baby
girl..Much to his delight..It was amazing..35min and she was born….I
truly believe that I was in this subtle form of labour for the 10days
before and that listening to the affirmations a few times a day helped
her to just move her way into place with the least amount of
stress…It was an amazing experience…We were left alone the three
of use, had no injection, our midwife came in 25 min later and I
delivered the placenta..She commented on our birthing experience and
how naturally beautiful and quick it was…she certainly didn’t think
we would be having our baby, when we arrived that night..I did happen
to say to Shane that it all happened so fast that I didn’t even know
or feel as if I got to use the Hypnobirthing..and he looked at me and
said “darl you didnt make a sound”…and you know it was about so much
more…Choosing to do the Hypnobirthing Course brought us so much
joy..we were able to truly welcome our little girl into in a loving
peaceful environment…It made us so much more aware of what we were
able to do and what our amazing bodies(mother and baby) are capable
of, as nature intended….It will be an experience we will all cherish
for life…
Lily Rose arrived at 11.27pm in the same hospital as her Daddy ..exactly 36yrs and 1 day apart…( Shane
moved to Sydney and Canberra when he was less than 1 and never
returned until 5 yrs ago)very profound…Divine intervention….

We would so love to Thank You for all your love and support and for
sharing this absolutely beautiful journey with us..I’m sure Shane will
email you and share his experience with you also..
Hope all is well with you, and much love peace and happiness to you
and your family x x x

Tracey and Shane, Buderim, Sunshine Coast

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