Kai born 9 August 2013

photo-2-225x300LUCIA’S STORY: I have always been amazed by the body’s ability to create life, to repair itself and to instinctually know what to do.  As a dietician I have long been interested in learning the natural ways of helping the bodies wisdom to work properly by giving it the nutrients it needs to work according to nature. In November 2012 I fell pregnant and all the chemical changes the occur in your body started. I have always believed that the best way of learning is through experience, so experiencing my pregnancy had taught me the marvellous ways that the female body adapts to create a new life.
I have always followed my instincts and really focused to be in tune with my body’s needs and making sure in every way that I nurture my body to allow my baby to be as healthy as possible. Our journey really stated before November when preparing my body to become pregnant. This was through a life style of healthy natural eating and a lot of exercise.Our birthing journey started at week 41 Kai Lever was born after a long labour on the 9th of August at 9:32 am. he weighed 3.750kg. It started in the late afternoon when surges started. They started very slowly and it was very exciting to know that our little man was now on his way. This lasted for over 12 hours, until early in the morning of the 8th when the surges started to get a lot stronger and a lot closer. So we started to have a lot stronger surges and we went straight into our hypnobirthing techniques. The breathing was amazing it took me to a place that enabled me to really flow with the process.

  Actually our story should probably start 2 weeks prior when we had a appointment with our doctor. All appointments previously had been really amazing, baby healthy and in a great position, but this appointment we had been informed that our baby was not engaging, the probability of having a C-Section was high. This was a bit of a shock, but many discussions and basically giving into the world and just putting the upmost faith in my body to be able to do its job really brought a total feeling of peace and trust that everything was going to happen perfectly and the way it was meant to. Plus with a lot of support from Cade we both got through and had our heads in the right space. I must say that this whole experience was so amazing to go through with Cade my husband. The day progressed and we had been scheduled to go into the hospital for a check up. We called and they said come in for a quick check as surges had been going for a while. We went in they checked up everything was going well and I was starting to dilate. So we went back home to get in the relaxed environment we needed. This is when things really started to move, Cade have an amazing room set up with candles and soft music and sounds. Basically just tried to keep the energy around us as calm and relaxed as possible. We stayed home for the next 8 hours.
We got to the hospital and the surges where very strong. At this stage after many hours and maybe only 3 hours sleep, I was beginning to get tired. At this stage after us both being very tired we got told we had the options of either being induced or having my waters broken. The doctor had told us that I was 3-4cm dilated. The reason they wanted to do this is due to our knowledge of the babies not being engaged and wanting to see if we could really push to do this our way. My waters where then broken and the surges intensified  they were now every 2-2:30 minutes. I used the hot shower and breathing techniques. At this stage it was around 4am. The contractions were on top of each other. To me I cannot really remember every detail as I was deep in my state just taking every contraction on believing each one was getting us closer to having our baby in our arms. Cade was very supportive and I honestly can say I would not of gotten through this without him.  So for the next 4 hours we worked through each contraction. I used breathing and took myself to another place. By 8am our doctor had returned and he had another inspection. We where then told the baby had not moved in all this time. They had then offered to induce me. Cade and I had discussed earlier and our decision was not to be induced. The reason for this is that being in labour and trusting my body could do what it could do we didn’t believe that more contraction would help this process. At this stage I was exhausted. Barely any energy. We then made the call with the advice of everyone around but more so our own decision to have an emergency C-Section. Cade talked me through and we concentrated on getting our baby here safe. This then happened. We then went through the process which was confronting as it was against my plan but in the end we had our beautiful baby Kai here in our arms. After it was a very surreal experience. Only a parent would know what it feels like to have their baby with them for the first time. We really enjoyed this moment. To be honest after this I felt disappointed. I felt confronted my body hadn’t allowed me to give birth in the manner in which I wanted. But I do feel very proud for pushing my body to the lengths that I did, and I really feel thankful we had the birthing techniques your enabled us with. Now home everything is amazing, we love him so much and feel so blessed to now be parents.  CADES STORY: What a journey. TO be honest I have never seen any human go through such a massive amount and be so calm. She literally didn’t even mumble a word, just breathing and relaxed. It was a very long process by the end it seemed a little scary, she was so tired she would fall asleep in between contractions but by the end she was having these crazy amounts of contractions like 3-4-5 in a row and she couldn’t even get a break. This was a little confronting and even I could guage the nurse was amazed at how she was coping. I left the room and she said she had never seen someone deal with the types of contractions lucia was having in such a manner. She must have been in that deep state you aim for, well she was! To be honest the whole thing just amaed me, I knew she was strong but just simply incredible would be the words I would use. From my point of view thank you for giving me the knowledge of how to know what was coming. Without the course and the info, no way would I have been able to handle it. The calm environment and your tools seriously work. Even though the end result was disappointing for Lucia, for me, I couldn’t have been more proud, I have no doubt she could not have done another thing. But what more she really looked after her body the whole pregnancy. The right food, exercise, relaxation and really looking after every aspect. I think that’s the key also to have a focus on everything. The part that also flipped her out was the food in the hospital, with her being who she is and her focus on nutrition every day we would bring in the right food so she could help restore her body and give kai the nutrients he vitally needed in that early stage. Something needs to change in those hospitals, the food isn’t the best!
Our baby is so healthy and growing its incredible. He put on so much weight in the first week he set a record, Lucia is feeding so well and he is just so calm and relaxed. HATES BEING COLD, but he never really cries just cruises. This has to be with the attitude through the whole 9 months the calm state throughout the birthing and her actions and energy after the birth.
True love, I love those 2 more than anything in this world. Thank You for help and techniques. They really helped us incredibly. We really trusted and got the results to get us through as needed.      hope you are doing great and enjoying life.  Cade, Lucia and K
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