“I felt amazing afterwards. I did not have any drugs.”


The best part of my birth experience was the way that the techniques I learnt from you and Hypnobirthing saved my skin.


jett-toddMy labour was only 1.5 hours long, and Jett was born only 30 minutes after getting to the hospital. We almost didn’t make it! I didn’t have time to get into a relaxed state, as the labour really kicked in suddenly at 6pm (I’d felt surges since 12pm and did some relaxation that afternoon, and really worked on deep breathing through the surges which were virtually painless). I thought I would have quite a bit of time in early labour but then I felt bub move down even further. We dropped Max off at a friends place 5 minutes away, my waters broke in the car (luckily i had thought to line the seat with garbage bags and towels!) and we got to the hospital at 7pm. By relaxing my body completely and really focusing on relaxing my jaw, my lower body and doing the deep breathing, I managed the surges in the car really well. I couldn’t imagine doing it without those techniques.

When I got to the hospital they checked bubs heartbeat and I said I wanted to get in the bath because I knew I must be really close. The surges were long and peaked several times. The midwife said that the way I handled the contractions was just like the woman she attended earlier ” only she had an epidural! I had no fear at all, not even of tearing. I just knew it wouldn’t happen. I used a combination of birth breathing and pushing.

Jett came out beautifully and I got my awesome waterbirth. Afterwards I felt brilliant, and not even the slightest bit tired. I feel physically like I was never pregnant and didn’t just squeeze out a baby! I credit all of that to how relaxed I could make myself in the midst of the craziness and worry that we might be having the baby in the car. Sam and I were both calm and communicative, and Sam was amazing during the birth process. I think the time i spent in the afternoon and just before the 6pm crazy-surge time doing the relaxation and all the deep breathing is what made the labour so swift.

I’m sooo thankful we met with you and learnt so much.

So thank you so much for being so available to us and so incredibly helpful. I don’t know if I’d recommend such a fast and furious labour but I’m very thankful for the way it all worked out, and the way I was able to handle it all so calmly and control any fear.

Pauline and Sam, Reedy Creek, Gold Coast

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