Isha born 14 July 2011

I had rupture of membranes and didn’t go into labour for after 24 hrs. Just had some contractions..so I had to be induced. Within an hour and a half I was in full labour. I managed to do my breathing for about three hours or so, but with the induction i felt very jailed. With the monitor and couldn’t get into a comfortable positon at all…so i ended up having an epidural. On the plus side my labour progressed very quickly. I was about 6 cms within a couple of hrs and

the whole birthing took under 7 hours.

In the couple of days at home before the induction, I kept doing my relaxation and visualisation and I am sure that helped with my cervical dilatation. Isha was born on the 14 of july ” 3.2 kgs..She is a beautiful baby. I think with all the pre birth parenting I really believe it made a difference. I can always tell what she wants me to do; she feeds well, crying is probably under 15 minutes in 24 hrs (she will scream if she doesnt get what she wants, but touchwood eight weeks later I can figure out things with her), she wants to be held all the time so it is pretty full on ” but i couldnt have asked for a better baby. She sleeps atleast 4 -5 hrs at least once in the night.

So I guess in all it wasnt the perfect Hypnobirthing story but I like to think that under natural conditions I might have been a bit better. That’s what my obstetrician said…he said with the induction it is difficult because I was having the second contraction even before the first one was over. So I opted for an epidural because I thought I still wanted at least a vaginal birth if not natural. I was up and about the same evening; hardly any bleeding, very superfical tears, no problema…

So I believe I still had a big benefit from Hypnobirthing..more so from the parenting etc etc..i had never thought about motherhood as much and I wasn’t scared at all.

Many thanks for everything. I believe motherhood is better thanks to what I learnt from you.

Bindu, Brisbane GP.

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