Isaac born 24 Sept 2011

ISSAC’S BIRTH STORY (Born 24 Sept, 2011)

296951_10150365312627149_360037147148_8511270_2059260063_n1-225x300I just wanted to share the news that we finally welcomed baby Isaac into the world on Saturday morning 24/9/11 and to share our birth story with you.

My plan was for a water birth in the birth centre at RBWH, however Isaac was taking his time. At 41+3 I opted for stretch and sweep that was unsuccessful as I was not dilated at all. 41+5 it was repeated and still the same result. I was not dilating at all and had a bishop score of 3. Friday was 42w and if I had not gone into natural labour by midnight I would be considered a higher risk and not able to go to the birth centre. I opted to be induced at 42w as I was nervous about risk to bubs. I also new my true due date which was based on my artificial insemination date which was 3 days earlier so I didn’t want to proceed much longer. I tried all the things to bring on labour, 3 days of acupuncture, eating eggplant parmi, Clary sage oil, massage, hill walking, blah blah blah. The last few days I just surrendered and relaxed.

Friday 8pm I was induced using cervadil, my bishop score was now 4 which was still very poor. I was sent to a ward for the night and hubby was sent home. I was told that nothing would happen for 24 hours, they would do another examination at that point and consider the next course of action. I listen to my birthing affirmation CD and was visualising the rosebud opening. I fell asleep about 10pm.

Just before 2am I woke to a surge. I stayed in bed for awhile waiting to see what would happen. That didn’t last long, I alternated between the bed and the bathroom and noticed I was having my bloody show. My contractions were then coming 5-6 minutes apart lasting 1 minute. I went for a walk. About 3.30 I informed a nurse who confirmed I was in labour and told me to take the cervadil tape out which I did. She then told me to go for another walk. I would walk doing my relaxation breathing, then when a surge hit would do my deep/surge breathing trying to focus on the rose bud opening.

At about 4.45am the birth centre midwife came to get me for an assessment. I was put on the monitor and bubs was fine. My lovely midwife Tanya did a quick ve and told me I was 5cm and she was surprised as I was pretty calm. She went to call my hubby at this stage it was 5.00am and we walked to the birth suite room. I immediately started in the shower, Pete and my sister arrived at 6am and Pete joined me in the shower which at this point it was pretty intense but I still felt in control and calm. As I was overdue they took bubs heart rate every 15 mins. At about 7.30 I was told I had to get on the continuous monitor for at least 15 mins as the Dr had insisted, due to my age (35), I was now 40+15 and also I had gestational diabetes.

Once I was on the monitor, even though bubs heart rate was fine I was told the monitor had to stay on. Funnily enough I was comfortable on all fours on the bed (leaning up against the incline on the bed) My breathing was keeping everything under control at this point. Contractions were very close and I wasn’t getting a break. My midwife was awesome and totally left me alone. I couldn’t handle Pete talking either, although he was very pivotal in prompting me to relax, breathe etc. The surges were very intense and I started to feel a different type of surge which made me involuntary push. I just followed whatever my body wanted. At about 8.30 my midwife suggested I changed positions as I wasn’t progressing so I hopped off the bed and tried the birthing stool [lasted about 30 seconds] I then ended up standing up with my head down on the raised bed during each surge. I was starting to feel out of control at this point I was needing to push more and more. I started to feel myself spiral a bit out of control at this point . The midwife suggested gas and Pete said wait until she asks for it, but he ended up suggesting it to me and I accepted the gas at about 9.30. The midwife performed a ve at this point as she didn’t want me to push if i wasn’t physically ready for it and i was 8-9cm at this point. The gas helped me immensely and got my breathing back under control. I then stood up and rocked / swayed in between each surge and breathed through surge.

At about 10.15 the “birthing surges” became stronger, I felt my body surge, then straight after a different surge would come which was the birth surge, I just let go and let my body take over, I kept breathing down and while the past hour felt like a bit of a trance, I felt very aware at this point and strangely calm, although it was still very intense. I could feel the baby moving down. At one stage I was told to push which I started to do, then felt myself start to tear so I stopped. I said no I will follow my body. At this point Pete was standing on the opposite side of the bed holding both my hands [like a tug of war over the bed] and i was squatting each surge, then would come back to rest on the bed. A couple more birth surges and he came out. They asked me to push as his heart rate was dropping and the Dr wanted to use the vacuum.

Baby Isaac was born at 10.53am Sat 24/9 15 days late.. He was passed to me while I was still standing. The cord had wrapped around his neck that’s why his heart rate dropped but it was no problem. I was helped onto the bed and had immediate skin to skin. I became impatient and delivered the placenta actively which I regret as I got a little sick afterwards from it. Pete and I had plenty of cuddles before my sister took over while i had a sleep / cleaned up etc.

Isaac is totally healthy and breastfeed instantly. A few of the nurses commented on how alert he was. He was 3.45kg / 7’6 lb and 53cm long. I required four stitches [guarantee it was from when I pushed that one time against my body] but they were external tears so painful to get stitched up but not a worry afterwards. We were discharged the following day.

Hypnobirthing really helped me throughout my whole pregnancy and labour. The education you provided about inductions, drug risks etc was invaluable. Due to my gestational diabetes I was encouraged to be induced at 40+10 at the latest. I was also told I was going to have a big baby based on my growth scan. I rejected that advice based on my sugar levels which I had kept under control from day one. I also wanted to let my body get as close to labour on its own as possible. I think that’s why the cervadil worked so quickly. Once the surges started, I felt in control and calm. Throughout labour I was aware of the different stages of labour and felt so comfortable trusting my body and instincts. I felt so in tune and although it was painful and the most intense experience of my life it was also so amazing, I can’t believe the high that both Pete and I had for days afterwards at the awesomeness of the female body. I felt like I had a guide ” my body! The breathing techniques were my saviour.

Take care, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with Pete and I.

Melinda & Peter Mifsud, Hamilton, Brisbane

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