I closed my eyes, went into a trance-like state!

Birthing my baby boy!Emma holding her newborn baby

Wow-what an amazing and powerful experience. I am a changed woman! So filled with love for my baby and in complete awe at the birthing process and the power of the woman! 

I was so lucky to have attended a Hypnobirthing course with Jennifer Day-Sully from Gladstone, CQ which I did a few months before my guess date. This allowed for plenty of time to practice the techniques I learnt and to change my subconscious mind regarding my views on birthing, how to birth calmly and positively, and to trust that my body knows how to birth. I believe this was a huge factor in how I went through labour. 

Even though the pain was intense and I needed gas, I just focused on my breathing. I closed my eyes, went into a trance-like state, and allowed my body to do what it was designed to do. 

I was extremely privileged to have Jennifer there during birth, as my birthing assistant, who along with my amazingly supportive partner Matt, was able to keep me on track by reading me affirmations, giving me massages, and being my gatekeepers for a positive birthing environment. 

My midwife said I had taught her a new way to birth, and that she had never seen someone bring their baby down so gently without pushing. She said it was obvious that I was well prepared for birth, which enabled me to be calm and keep my baby calm throughout the process. 

One of the key things that I learnt and focused on during my birthing preparation was the Hypnobirthing affirmation “I am prepared to calmly meet whatever turn my birthing takes”. By bringing this belief solidly into my subconscious mind, I was able to deal with the twists and turns that my birthing path took. I kept calm and my baby monitored well throughout the whole process. 

I am so proud of myself for the birth I had. At 40 nearly 41 years of age, I had so many doubts and fears in myself. Attending the Hypnobirthing course and working on the exercises before birth, helped me release my fears, and trust in my body and the process. 

There were many big decisions to make, and I honestly feel I was more confidently able to make them due to my understanding of the birthing process that had I had learnt from the Hypnobirthing Australia course. 

Although my birth plan was for a fully natural birth, in the end we needed various interventions, but I approached these in a calm and positive way. And the pure joy of seeing my baby boy being born and lifted into my arms was the most magical ecstatic experience. One blessed Mumma! 

Emma – Gladstone, Central Queensland

Hypnobirthing Mum Emma Standing holding her newborn baby

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