I chanted “I can do this, I AM doing this!”

Hypnobirthing Mum Rachael with Hypnobub Olivia “I was on Cloud 9!”

At 39 + 3 I started to have some very very light waves, this continued on & off for 24 hours without changing much. After about 30 hours, my membranes broke naturally. I still did not feel much of a change in my waves so rested at home for the night & contacted my doctor in the morning, she was happy to let me labour at home for the day & see how things progressed. At 5pm she called me to see how I was and when I said nothing had really changed she suggested I come in just to check that baby was coping okay.

We went in that afternoon for roughly 45mins of monitoring & baby was happy so my dr gave me the go ahead to go home and rest & hope that things picked up over night. Before we even got home I felt a shift in my waves & knew that they were now productive & my baby was coming to me.

I laboured comfortably at home for around 5-6 hours before I felt like I would like to be with my doctor at hospital. During the car trip my husband put on my hypnobirthing tracks (which I hadn’t thought to listen to at home) and I honestly fell into a trance. My husband thought I had actually fallen asleep because labour had stopped!

When we got to the hospital my doctor asked if I would like to be checked, I said yes – I was 7-8cms!!

I laboured freely for another 3 hours in the hospital without a single intervention, I chanted “I can do this, I am doing this” the whole time.

At 2am my body started to push. I uncontrollably & painlessly pushed with my waves for 45 mins, in between waves I was having a conversation with my husband about how unbelievable it was that we were actually about to have a baby, I even made the comment that this is like a movie & my midwife told me that I was wrong, she said movies aren’t this beautiful!

Having the opportunity to feel my baby crown and watch her come into this world with a clear & calm mind was honestly the most empowering experience I could ever imagine. I loved my daughters birth so much I said right after her birth that I’d be more than happy to do that again!!

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with my second child & am beyond excited to experience birth again!! All thanks to hypnobirthing! 

p.s. I absolutely love this photo my husband took about 30 mins after Olivia was born, I was clearly on cloud 9!!!

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