Hypnobirthing Parents Continue the Calm

Hypnobirthing Parents Continue the CalmSo, you have had your positive birth experience and enjoyed using hypnobirthing throughout your pregnancy and birth. And now you’ve had your baby. Yayyyyy! A big congratulations!

Parents often comment to us that they enjoyed their relaxation practice through pregnancy, and miss it when the pregnancy is over. But we want to emphasise that doesn’t have to end here (and really, it shouldn’t)!

Newsflash: parenting can be a challenge at times. ? If ever there is a time our lives when we can derive optimal benefit from relaxation and maintaining a positive mindset – it is now! I know… I’m a mum of three myself.

We have created a special track for Breastfeeding and Bonding with Baby.  This is a wonderful way to continue with the calm after you have had your baby.

And it doesn’t stop there! Years after birthing my babies, I still use my hypnobirthing techniques on a daily basis! I have also taught my children how to use their breath and meditation to calm down, maintain focus and generally maintain health and wellbeing through their lives. I created Dreamtime for Kids which includes positive affirmations  and a bedtime story/relaxation with my own children in mind and it is popular with children all over the world. ?

We have some great resources to help you (and your baby / children) to continue with the calm and utilise your relaxation techniques for positive parenting.

We have tracks available in our shop for breastfeeding, bonding, children and parenting – so check out our shop for mp3s and a special Mother & Baby Relaxation Bundle or a Family Relaxation Bundle. Be sure to scroll down to the second page of the shop, because there are some wonderful mp3 tracks hiding there. ?

And together…. we can continue with the calm. Remember (from your hypnobirthing) that every thought we have creates a chemical change in our body. Our thoughts have power. Let’s utilise that power for our (and our family’s) greatest good!

Melissa x

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