How Can ‘Birth Mapping’ help me with my ‘Birth Preferences’?

How Can ‘Birth Mapping’ help me with my ‘Birth Preferences’?
How Can ‘Birth Mapping’ help me with my ‘Birth Preferences’?At Hypnobirthing Australia, we prefer to use the words ‘Birth Preferences’ rather than ‘Birth Plan’. The reason for this is – that’s basically what they are… they are ‘preferences’! We know that sometimes things don’t go according to ‘plan’, but we are giving a strong message to both ourselves and our caregivers by researching, stating and then discussing what we would ‘prefer’ during our labour and birth.
Another great way of approaching our birth preferences is to ‘map it out’. Catherine Bell’s book The Birth Map is a powerful document that works like a ‘choose your own adventure’. Through this experience, you build knowledge about difference scenarios and options. Understanding the various pathways and how they intertwine, means the power to make Informed Decisions.”  

The book is broken up into the following areas: 

Section One: The Insights,
 gives the foundations for understanding the maternity system and your options within it.

Section Two: The Questions, takes you through each pathway (fast birth, expected and contingency).  This is where the personal Birth Map is developed.  The advanced care directive approach creates an ‘if this, then that’ series of decisions to be used by your birth team and care providers during your labour.  It is your birth, your way, no matter what. 

Section Three: beyond the birth, provides a reality check and helps to set up a support network for the early days of parenting.  This section covers preparing for siblings, ‘what is normal’ and breastfeeding.

The print book has been designed to be written in, with space to make notes, add affirmations, decorate and journal in.

The Birth Map is a great accompaniment to your Hypnobirthing Australia course content; so if you are looking for extra resources to complement your preparation, we highly recommend this book.
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