I had such a calm birth which I 100% credit Hypnobirthing!

I decided to try hypnobirthing for my 4th pregnancy as I had a disappointing 3rd labour. It was by far my quickest and calmest birth I’ve had.
New mum Helen holding her baby
I started getting contractions 10 minutes apart at 9 pm. At this point I stayed in bed and just listened to my audio tracks as they were quite bearable and I managed to get some sleep in between contractions, they stayed at 10 minutes until about midnight.
At midnight I woke and had a warm shower and stayed under the water for about 30mins while the tracks played on a speaker and then I moved to sit on a fitball as my contractions became closer at 5 mins apart. At 2 am I finally woke my husband and called the hospital as they were still consistent at 5 mins apart.
By the time my mother in law came over at 4 am they had quickened to about 2 minutes apart. On the 10 minute drive to the hospital, they very quickly became 45 seconds apart. I waddled into the birthing suite at 4.15 am and at 4.40 am my 4th beautiful boy was in my arms.
Hypnobirthing I believe helped so much to keep me calm. Hearing that every surge got me closer and closer to my baby just kept everything so positive. Having my husband have his birthing cheat sheet kept him knowing what to do and say to help support me through my labour. I had such a calm birth which I 100% credit to this course. I needed no interventions, no stitches and my recovery was absolutely amazing.
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