Harry Alan born 16 March 2013

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Our little baby boy named Harry Alan, finally decided to come 2:59am Saturday morning 9 pound 4,
55cm long.
First signs of early labour started at 3:30 Friday morning getting quicker every 3-4 mins at around 3pm
We decided to go to the hospital around 4 and had an internal check a while after and was 6cm dilated ..
We finally got moved into the birthing suite where I was in the birthing pool for a while and decided to try the shower   things weren’t really moving along as hoped and the doc wanted to check my progress as it had been nearly 6hrs since my last internal which really didn’t feel that long ago .. I was fully dilated and we had waters broken and about 2 and a bit hours later baby harry was born ..
Thinking back labor was fairly easy up until my waters got broken the feeling of the baby moving down and out was very intense but I kept my breathing up and Harry’s heart rate stayed steady the whole time ..
The midwives said that they were constantly listening for heavy breathing at the door but could not hear me and that I was in my own little world falling asleep every now and then in the pool :) I couldn’t have done it without my husband Kyle he was so helpful and supportive and definitely made my birth a lot easier.. And a big thankyou to you for teaching both of us the breathing techniques and relaxation that kept everything claim and relaxed  especially baby Harry.
Tanya, Kyle and Harry, Blackwater, Queensland
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