Fraser William born 14 June 2012

Little Fraser William Scott was born 5.02pm by C-section on the 14th. He is just adorable and is very calm.

He currently spends his time feeding (he took to the breast really well), sleeping and having lots of cuddles. People are amazed that he is sleeping for 4 and 5 hour stretches already (hopefully it lasts as he gets a little older)
I didn’t bank on just how much we would love him ” I just love when we spend time snuggling and looking at each other.
We are all home now (came home yesterday) and are settling into home well.
Thank you for all your support and caring.  You were an important part of our birthing / parenting journey.  That top up visit really set me on a positive path towards the operation. I slept so well that night and felt calm going into the planned c-section. People are amazed at how relaxed I am after his birth as well. The midwifes all thought I was a second time mum ” not a first time mum.
I used the meditations in the hospital room prior to the operation and then used the sleep breath during the spinal block. They said my blood pressure was good and were surprised how calm I was during the spinal block.
Roy coached me through the c-section by focusing me on my breath. It was still pretty full on having them tug and pull the baby out but the breathing assisted.
As I mentioned to you ” I found the mediations and in particular the affirmations so helpful throughout my pregnancy. I found I could take myself into a calm and balanced state by listening to them. It really helped me keep my pregnancy so positive.
Like you said ” it is more than just the birth journey, it is about the parenting journey. If I was to say anything to people coming through your classes ” it is to remember that it isn’t just about the birth. Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up with needing a particular birth experience that you don’t allow the whole experience to be what could be (you are predetermining it). Rather ” the tools of hypo-birthing and the love, energy and experience from you contribute to the pregnancy, birth and beyond. And ” when you get the beautiful baby in your arms and they look at you with their big eyes ” nothing else matters.
image-5-150x150Thank you again Melissa for your caring.
Fleur, Roy and Fraser, Mount Gravatt, Brisbane
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