Alfie born 9 June 2012

Hi Melissa,

I have been meaning to email you all week, but I have had my hands full!

Baby Alfie Grey Jarvis was born last Saturday morning, one day after his due date.

It was an interesting lead up to his birth, as my midwife was away sick – so I had other midwives who were concerned that the baby was too small and sent me for scans and ECGs etc to see if I should be induced.  Once I had consulted the obstetrician and we had established that the baby was perfectly well, Alfie decided he would make an appearance of his own accord, Yay! We had a relatively trouble free, drug free birth. It was a little stop and start, but once Lyle gave me some fluids we birthed well. I am absolutely certain that the practise of Hypnobirthing helped us as a family to be calm and focused throughout pregnancy and birth. Both Kelly and John were amazing support people and I am sure at some points without them refocusing me I would have become stressed!

So a few stitches later we have a beautiful, calm baby and an experience we will always remember. Thank you for being a wonderful part of this amazing journey. I have attached a couple of photos of Alfie taken earlier this week. I am more than happy to recommend Hypnobirthing or for you to tell our story to everyone!


Big Hugs,
Alfie, Adelle, John and Kelly, Golden Beach, NSW.

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