Emilia Charlotte, born 3 November 2016

You may recognise this mama as this is her 3rd awesome hypnobirth!

Here is Hypnobirthing Australia Star Mama, Melanie’s, latest inspiring birth story!!

“I wanted to let you know about our experience with the arrival of our 3rd baby on the 3rd of November – a beautiful little girl named Emilia Charlotte.

You were right! You kept saying to prepare ourselves as the birth would be amazing and quick and it was both those things and much, much more!!! I cannot tell you how empowered, proud and deliriously happy both Pete and I were after the birth.

Emilia’s head had been fully engaged for a week or two prior to the birth, which made for lots of pressure down there!! The night of the 3rd I went to get up off our bed and felt a pop and water trickle out – my membranes had not released prior to labour with my other two so this was a new experience!

I think it could have been due to her being fully engaged so early. I wondered what to do as I had not been experiencing any surges and there was no sign of labour starting. I called the hospital and informed them and they instructed me that if I hadn’t gone into labour by 8am the next morning that I would have to come in to have the baby checked.

I finished organising my hospital bags and wondered what I should do next while Pete googled ‘waters breaking’ and ‘when will labour start’! He informed me that I would most likely start having surges in a few hours! (thanks Google!).

We decided to call Pete’s parents and have them come over to stay the night and watch the other two kids as even if I didn’t go into labour we would have to be at the hospital to be checked in the morning so they would be able to drop the kids to school/daycare.

They arrived and we sat chatting in the lounge room. I started having surges and began timing them in between talking – although they weren’t that strong they were becoming more and more regular. They got to 5 minutes apart but as they weren’t too strong and I was still able to sit and chat to my in-laws I felt like it was too early to go to hospital. Plus the fact I had only been having them for under an hour I was sure that I had a long way to go.

It wasn’t too long after that that they got to 2-3 minutes apart and I realised it was time and said to Pete “ok – lets go!”. We said our goodbyes, jumped in the car and drove to the hospital (I had to tell Pete twice to stop speeding! I think he really wanted to make use of the “my wife is having a baby!” excuse).

We got to the hospital and drove to the main entrance where we parked, got all the bags out of the car and walked to the entrance doors where we were met with a sign instructing us to use the other entrance! I paused and flopped down like a rag doll while I had a surge then we turned around and drove to the emergency entrance.

Again, we unloaded everything and made our way to the entry where again I had to stop and do the rag doll flop in the emergency reception. The receptionist looked perplexed and asked if I needed a wheelchair! Pete said “no she’s fine, she’ll just be a minute!”.

As soon as the surge was over we took the lifts to maternity and were shown to the birthing room – after another rag doll flop/surge in the maternity reception while 3 midwives looked on.

We were thrilled to get the birthing room with the birth pool which was full and waiting for me. I was so excited to get in so was disappointed when the midwife reminded me about the mandatory monitoring of the baby. I sat on the birth ball while the midwife held the monitor on my stomach and Pete ran around setting up the room and putting my affirmations on. I felt so comfortable as I sat there with candles all around us and an electric oil burner burning a birth blend of essential oils. The affirmations and breathing were again amazing and helped get me through each surge. I had previously not wanted to be touched while having my other two kids however this time around I loved the light touch massage!

After what seemed like an eternity I asked how long I needed to be monitored – she replied with 20 minutes. I then asked how long it had been…she said “3 minutes”!!!. I started feeling like I really needed to get in the water and said so – she continued monitoring me and after a few minutes took the belts off and I quickly made my way to the birth pool.

The minute I got in and sat down the warm water relaxed me and I was so shocked to feel like I had to push! I remember thinking to keep it to myself and hold off but automatically changed my breathing and went with it – Pete went to tell the midwife which she responded with “should I check you or call the doctor?”.

Pete asked her to call the doctor however the minute she walked away our baby’s head emerged – the look of shock on his face as he ran to tell the midwife! The next push and Emilia Charlotte was born!! 25 minutes after arriving at the hospital! I joked that Pete had only just finished setting up the room only to have to go and pack it all up again!

So the obstetricians were not present at any of our 3 kids births!

After Emilia was born the midwife came up and told me that she had actually been the midwife at the birth of our son, 3.5 years before and that she remembered me because of my floppy rag doll stance through my surges and said that she remembered speaking to me during the birth of my son only for me to flop down for a minute during a surge and then got back up and continued the conversation! She hugged Pete and I and said how beautiful the birth was and that she had stayed back after her shift was finished just so she could be there when I had the baby – just as she had done 3.5 years ago.

I sat in the birth pool with Emilia and hugged her – she was so calm and didn’t cry at all. Pete cut the cord and the midwife left us to have our time alone. We just looked at each other in disbelief that it had happened so quickly and so smoothly!

Melissa – you were so right and I have you to thank for such beautiful births and memories that will stay with me forever. Two weeks later and I am still on such a high and feel so blessed that my last birth was such an amazing, positive, empowering experience.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Melanie and Pete, Gold Coast

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