“I was in the most amazing relaxed, hypnotised state” Hypnomum Amy


ellie-margaretWe had an absolutely wonderful birth on 1st April, bringing Ellie into the world. I had back ache from 4am but didn’t think much of it. I got up and pottered around the house, having breakfast, showering, blow drying my hair, getting washing off the line. At around 9am my husband got up and i told him i thought i might be in labour but wasn’t sure. My Mum called for a chat at 10:30am and I was easily able to talk to her for about 20 minutes. At 11.15am i lost some blood so we went to the hospital, otherwise we would have stayed at home longer. My ‘back ache’ surges were about 5 minutes apart on the trip to the hospital but i was able to direct Pete to the hospital when he was going to take a wrong turn. When we got to the hospital i was assessed and then told I was 4cm dilated. Surprise, surprise we were sent up to the birthing rooms. When the surges became more intense, Pete massaged my back, i got into the shower and we used the Hypnobirthing breathing techniques and positive affirmations. My lovely hubby and wonderful midwife read out the rosebud script a few times. This put me into the most amazing relaxed, hypnotised state i have ever felt!! Pete was a fabulous support, telling me to relax and that my body was perfectly designed to birth our baby. I used no drugs whatsoever, not even gas, which was all due to our positive approach to our birthing! It was amazing. During the final pushing surges I used the J-breathing to gently bring her into the world. We used a mirror so I could see her crowning and gradually birth her. Ellie was born at 6.05pm! I didn’t tear and required no stitches. She was very alert and found my breast quickly. She fed very well from the start and my milk came in quickly on the 3rd April! She is a lovely baby and settles well. We feel so lucky.


We are proud parents of a little girl Mia Lilly Wilkinson, weighing 3.71kg and 55cm long; no drugs needed.  She is a lovely little girl.
Our birthing day went wonderfully.  I mainly used “filling a balloon” visualisations through my surges and Pete was great in telling me to relax and that my body can do it.  We were in the birthing rooms at the Mater at 9pm and lovely Mia was ready to make an entrance only 1.5 hours later.  With such a quick labour we didn’t have much time to implement other Hypnobirthing techniques but i had the lovely relaxing music of Stephen Halpin playing in the back ground and i found the smell of lavender very relaxing.
Thank you once again for your wonderful support.
Hypnobubs Ellie and Mia with Hypnobirthing parents Amy and Pete
Hypnobubs Ellie and Mia with Hypnobirthing parents Amy and Pete
Amy and Pete, Sherwood, Brisbane.

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