Does Hypnobirthing work? (WACHS STATISTICS) 

Does Hypnobirthing work? (WACHS STATISTICS) 

Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program recognised on the national stage.

Does Hypnobirthing Work?Award-winning Childbirth Educator, Midwife & Nurse, Kasey Biggar was instrumental in having our Positive Birth Program, Positive Caesarean Birth Program and Positive Birth Indigenous program all implemented into Bunbury hospital in Western Australia. She collected data over a year long period and compared the birth outcomes of those who attended our Positive Birth Program with those who didn’t. 

Now she has been recognised and awarded Best Paper for Case Studies and Clinical Reports at the 2022 at the Success and Failures in Telehealth Conference for her work in bringing our programs to the masses and making positive changes to so many family’s lives.

Good news travels fast!

When she shared the amazing results with the Western Australian Country Health Service (WACHS), which is responsible for 19 hospitals throughout regional and rural WA, they were so impressed they made our program available throughout ALL of their health services! If that isn’t a testament to the effectiveness of this program we don’t know what is. Our programs are evidence-based, down to earth, accessible and they actually WORK!

Winning this award on the national stage was not only for Kasey but also all the wonderful and dedicated WACHS midwives and childbirth educators. Click here to check out the articles written by the WA Country Health Service.

So, what does the evidence say about our Positive Birth Program?

Want to know why we are the talk of the town? Check these statistics out! Comparing data from parents who attended the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program vs parent who did not attend the results showed:

  • 52% decrease in non-elective caesareans 
  • 40% decrease in morphine use
  • 32% decrease in epidurals
  • 15% decrease in inductions
  • 22% increase in spontaneous births 
  • 22% decrease in gas used during birth
  • 95% increase in the use of water relief 
But, it doesn’t stop there!

It’s not just about how we birth, it’s also about how we feel about our birth. There is so much birth trauma experienced in our modern world and we need to change that. The positive birth program Can play an instrumental part in this change. With the outcomes collected women were asked to choose words to describe birth before and then after attending our positive birth program. This course completely changed the way Women described birth – from negative to positive.  

Before attending our Positive Birth Program results showed that 
  • 10% felt prepared
  • 32% felt empowered
  • 10% felt excited
After attending the course results showed that:
  • 80% felt prepared
  • 90% felt empowered
  • 90% felt excited

After the classes we asked women what their likelihood of referring others to the Positive Birth Program would be. 100% of women said they would refer the class to others. We also asked for a star rating (5 stars being the best) as to how they found the course. Our average was 4.9 stars. 

The evidence shows that hypnobirthing actually works!

Want to read more? Click here to read more hypnobirthing research. 

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