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9 Reviews on “Kylie Gillespie - Queensland, Forest Glen”

9 reviews
  • Damon & Jess Hoger

    Kylie was absolutely incredible!
    My husband and I did these classes together in pregnancy and it was the best decision we made when preparing for our birth. The tools and techniques Kylie taught were absolutely essential for us to achieve such a positive birth experience and she delivered them so clearly and precisely.
    Not only did we finish the course with all the tools and knowledge in hypnobirthing but we left the classes more informed about birth in general. My husband in particular really appreciated the info Kylie shared so that he could better understand the signs and stages of labour and birth.

    Bonus… she’s a fantastic cook and the meals she provided in each class were delicious!

  • Jen and Dan

    We cannot recommend Kylie highly enough! We completed the group sessions over a few weeks and each week Kylie made us more confident and excited leading up to the birth of our daughter. (She also spoiled us with delicious food each week!)
    I have a medical background and was keen to set aside any medical anxieties and just enjoy the birth of my baby and this is exactly what Kylie helped with.
    The hypnobirthing she teaches is down to earth and effective for preparing you to achieve a positive birth experience regardless of how things go on the day. It was helpful for my husband to be prepared for what would happen and gave him an active role on the day which was beautiful. We found the resources provided from Hypnobirthing Australia particularly useful and I’m not sure we would have got these elsewhere.
    I will happily keep recommending Hypnobirthing and Kylie to anyone who will listen!

  • Vanessa de Lima Marcandier

    Kylie is amazing

    I really wanted to do Hypnobirthing course for my first baby and couldn’t have chosen a better person to be our teacher, guide and friend.
    I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes so I thought I would never be able to have a natural birth.
    But Kylie left us so empowered with information and confidence that my baby came with 41+1. I had a little intervention, but at the end I’ve got the birth I had dreamed of.

    Kylie was warm and kind and we even had a chance to catch up after and discuss my experience post birth and she got to meet our little William.
    Thank you for all the knowledge, encouragement and support.

    I highly recommend Kylie for Hypnobirthing course.

  • Jess

    It is honestly impossible to put into words how grateful I am to have discovered Kylie and her amazing hypnobirthing classes. She is so supportive and encouraging. Kylie has helped me recover from a pretty traumatic birthing experience with my first child by experiencing completely natural and unassisted births ever since. I’m so glad that I did give hypnobirthing a go after a friend recommended it to me. I have now had 2 beautiful hypnobirthing births and am the biggest fan and advocate of this method. Every expecting mother I speak to gets a glowing review about it. I know that this experience has saved me from a lot of negative experiences, given me the courage to have a bigger family like I had always dreamed of and fostered a tender bond/connection between myself and my babies.

    I also highly recommend getting a refresher for subsequent births to build more confidence if you feel it is necessary. 🙂

  • Thu and Chris Andersen

    Kylie is amazing. Her Hypnobirthing course is one of the best. Before attending her course, we felt so worried and anxious about the birth of our first child. After the course, we felt confident and equipped with all the knowledge we needed. We had a beautiful assisted natural and calm birth. Our little boy is very happy, healthy and content. We can’t say thank you enough for Kylie’s beautiful classes. Highly recommended.

  • Nic Taylor

    I really wanted to do Hypnobirthing. for my first birth to ensure I was empowered and wouldn’t need a “healing birth” after my first. We found Kylie during COVID and she worked with us to tailor our experience so that both of my birth partners (Husband and Mum) could be empowered and be the best supports they could be.

    Kylie helped us feel informed and calm heading into our daughters birth day and birth wasn’t something I feared.

    Kylie was warm and kind and we even had a chance to catch up and discuss my experience post birth and she got to meet our little girl which we loved!

    Would highly recommend Kylie and we will be back for baby Number two Kylie!

    The Taylors

  • Ari Walsh

    Although I did not have the birth that I had hoped for, after completing our Hypnobirthing classes with Kylie, the information learned in the course made it the best possible experience for both my Husband and myself and we were so much calmer and prepared for the birth then we ever would have been. Kylie is so friendly and easy to get along with. She has a world of knowledge and is a great teacher and makes the course engaging to get all of the information across. I honestly would have been a mess during my birth if it wasn’t for Kylie and the Hypnobirthing course she delivered. Cant thank her enough or recommend her more highly.

  • Tiani B

    Kylie often put my husband and I to sleep in our sessions…which was a good thing, because at least you knew the teachings worked in practise! An amazing lady and we are forever grateful for the knowledge and tips Kylie gave us to assist us when the big day came!

  • Sian Hillard

    Kylie is truly amazing. We had the honour of Kylie’s assistance in hypnobirthing both our beautiful babies, both very different births but as equally as beautiful. She is personable, caring, honest and professional. We happily recommend her to any upcoming parents and would recommend her a million times over xx

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