Can you use hypnobirthing for VBAC’s (vaginal birth after caesarean)? 

Can you use hypnobirthing for VBAC’s (vaginal birth after caesarean)? 

Can you use hypnobirthing for a VBAC?Just because you required a caesarean for your previous birth doesn’t mean you can’t have a natural birth now!

A common question we get is – Can you use hypnobirthing for VBAC’s?

Yes, our Hypnobirthing Australia Courses are absolutely suitable for VBAC. In fact, we think that unbiased, independent, comprehensive childbirth education is more imperative than ever when you are planning a VBAC. 

The secret sauce of our program and what makes our program different to others is we are about positive birth not just natural birth. Our program prepares you for all types of birth. Our course is designed to make you feel empowered no matter what path your birth takes.

I would recommend that you get started as soon as you are able to! The sooner you start, the more time you will have to remove fears, research your options, negotiate your preferences with caregivers, and condition yourself using the techniques.

And here are some extra resources for you… because ‘knowledge is power’. 😉 

Here are a couple of birth stories shared by other hypnobubs mums who have attended the course:



VBAC Useful Websites: 

https://www.rcog.org.uk Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists latest guidelines (July 2016)

http://www.canaustralia.net   Caesarean Awareness Network Australia

 http://www.ican-online.org International Caesarean Awareness Network

http://www.birthrites.org  Healing from caesarean

http://www.caresinc.org.au  Caesarean Awareness Recover Education and Support  

 http://www.vbacfacts.com VBAC Facts

hypnobirthingaustralia.com.au (Article written for Nurture Magazine on VBAC Success)

We have face-to-face classes available Australia-wide, but if you are not able to attend these – then I highly recommend that you look into joining the Hypnobubs Hypnobirthing Online Course.

We have online support available via the learning platform and you are also able to email us as support, too. We hope to see you ‘inside the course’, soon!

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