Cairo James born 27 September 2013

Hypnobirthing hypnobirth epidural hypnosis calm vaginal birthThings are really awesome. My little man is perfect. My birth story is a little different I guess… It all started with leaking and mild surges at 5am. I calmly went about my morning, showering, putting make-up on and heading to greet my Aunt who had arrived from England all at the same time. During breakfast at my parents I was asked what I was up to today, to which I replied ” I’m having my baby today, my water broke at 5am and I’ve been sitting here having surges every half hour or so” The look on everyone’s face was priceless. I eventually called the hospital, they urged me to come up.   After checking me over they monitored me for an hour. I wouldn’t let them look which frustrated the midwife like crazy. Hahahah. I then went back home to wait for Tata (Talitha). By the afternoon I was sort of having a party at my house (yes PARTY). My very close friends all came over and we had an awesome time. I sat on my ball and would simply go within myself, shut my eyes and breathe every time a surge came. My friends took turns of timing how far apart the surges were coming. Talitha kicked everyone out about 11pm and put me to bed. By 1am I was calling Tata to wake up. Things got very intense and I really didn’t expect just how intense it was.  By 3am I demanded to go to the hospital, I wanted gas. My voice of reason was always there, she did her job well but it was too much for me on my own. I had antibiotics iv (as I wouldn’t let them look the previous visit they were very concerned about infection) I had gas which did nothing, tried the sterile water injection, the most pain I’ve ever been through, they did nothing, got in shower, nothing. After 29hours of birthing and trying all other alternatives I demanded an epidural. I felt like a hypno-birthing failure at this point. So I finally let them look :-) Although it wasn’t a good thing, we discovered that bubs head was facing sideways, I was relieved to find there was a very real reason I couldn’t do it on my own. The pressure on my spine had been unbearable. The epidural worked well. I got some much needed rest. By this stage it was lunch time, 32 hours I had been awake. Although fully aware of my surroundings I was very much within myself at this point. Tired, teary and overwhelmed. At 5pm I was told I had an hour to get him out before they would have to get him out. This is when I started to breathe my baby down. Yes that’s right, even though I was numb from below my chest. I really didn’t think it was working so I was  shocked when they could see him coming. My little man remained calm and happy during the whole birthing. After 37 hours he slid out very slowly with my breath, no tearing at all. I can remember Tata’s voice in my moments of distress, her face was the only one I looked for and saw. She was my rock. Tata caught my baby, she placed him on my chest. He drank from me immediately. I cut my own cord. Ahhhhh yay I had my perfect little baby in my arms. Bliss. I refused to let them inject me with more oxytocin to birth the placenta. Guess what I birthed it within 20 minutes on my own. I was up and about immediately. Recovery has been fine. I currently do gym 6 days a week, I’ve lost 20kgs to date and I feel amazing. I named my hypnobub ‘Cairo James’. Thankyou so much for giving me the tools to get through this.

Love Louise & Cairo xxxxx (Brisbane)


Hypnobirthing hypnobirth epidural hypnosis calm vaginal birth

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