Archer Armando born 29 July 2013

Hi Melissa,

hypnobirthing brisbane gold coast natural birth at home birth labour antenatal classes hypnobirthing australia melissa spilstedJust a quick little email to tell you all about our little man’s arrival into the world 10 days early. Little Archer Armando began his big day early with surges starting around 4-5am yesterday morning. I first thought they were just some practice ones, but with their consistency accompanied by an obvious pressure that intensified as the day went on, I soon realized this could very well be the real deal! Jason left work to meet me back home as there was a noticeable increase in intensity around 11am. You read it time and time again in hypnobirthing stories, but I can attribute my success throughout the day to my wonderful boyfriend and birthing partner, Jason. There were a couple instances throughout the experience where he really calmed and guided me through ” he took charge and more than rose to the occasion. Really cannot thank him enough. So from about 11am-1pm, my surges steadily increased ” I mainly called upon the deep breathing techniques (with the help of Jason’s prompts) and these really helped me manage the huge sensations. By 1.30pm I felt an incredible urge to bear down. There wasn’t even any conscious effort behind this, just my body’s natural expulsion that I really had very little control over. This surge resulted in the sudden releasing of membranes and put everything into motion. We were still at home, so jase jumped on the phone to our midwife who recommended we make our way to the hospital. By this stage, surges were coming thick and fast ” I’m talking one starting before the previous one seemed to finish ” and each had the same incredible bearing down affect. Jason got off the phone to tell me we’d be heading to the hospital, but I said to him it felt as though baby was coming NOW! Sure enough, as I had Jason assess the situation, bub was crowning.  He was straight on the phone to the ambulance and within 4 surges, baby was born. At home. Just us. On the same bed in which he was conceived. Jason “caught” the little guy and put him straight onto my chest. He began breathing immediately, and did not make a peep until he was handed to paramedics for assessing. We were taken to the hospital where we stayed until being given the all clear to head home around 11.30pm. After the fact, I had family members comment on how relaxed and chilled I was after birthing little Archer. He’s also quite the little chilled out dude as well and needless to say we are both simply infatuated with him. Archer Armando, born at home on Monday 29th July, received by one very PROUD daddy, and weighing 7lb 15oz. 50cm I’m length.
Thank you so much Melissa, for giving us the tools to create such an amazing birthing experience. It definitely wasn’t what we had planned, but it really couldn’t have been more perfect. Thank you also for helping me to believe in my natural ability, and myself in general….
Now I think I have a few “I told ya so”s to hand out…. Hehe.

Thanks again, from the whole family ” Jason, Ella & Archer  :))))


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