Annabelle Grace born 24 July 2011

“I’m happy that I pushed myself to see how strong I really am and what my body is capable of doing. I’m SOOOOO happy that I had no drugs; my mind was my drug and its what kept me going.”

Annabelle-GraceSo on friday the 23rd i started to get some strong pre labor surges it started at 3.00 in the afternoon and went till about 7.00 in the evening. I thought this might be it. It stopped then and i had a pretty quiet night. It went on like that on Saturday with the surges getting stronger and lasting for a few hrs and then stopping again. At about 8ish on Saturday evening there was a bit of a pattern developing the Surges were coming more frequently and i found that i needed to concentrate more on them. They continued like that till about 10ish and i decided that i might need to go into the bath.

My hubby put the rainbow cd and candles and with every surge he kept pouring warm water down my back i found that really helped me. At this stage the surges were coming every 2 1/2 mins and lasting about 1 minute. This went on for a little while, i was totally relaxed and welcomed every surge and breathed through it. I found that when i was breathing out and making a big aaaaa sound it really helped. The surges started to die down a little and were now coming every 3 to 31/2 mins and we decided it be best for me to get out of the bath and start moving around. As soon as i did that they were back on. We called my midwife and told her what was happening and she told us to keep her updated and if i needed her she would come over. I didn’t really feel like i needed her at this stage i was doing fine with my husband and managing the surges well.

i found it a little hard to get into a comfortable position once i got out of the bath so i got my fit ball out, i went on my knees and put my arms over it and rocked slowly back and forth i was doing that for a long time and i found it really helped me. I was managing the surges well because at this point they were quiet strong and i told Todd to call the midwife just so she is here. I believe she came here around 3.00am as i have no idea what time anything took place, i didn’t ask for the time and didn’t really care. At one stage i tilted my head to the side and saw the sun coming out. At around 6ish i felt that with every surge i had this pressure in my bottom and felt like i needed to push. I really wanted to go in the birth pool but the water was taking a little time to fill up and i thought i will just give birth on the floor. My midwife put towels underneath me and called the second midwife to come over.

When the midwife examined me to see if she could feel the babies head she said she could and i thought o my god im almost there and i was soo calm and peaceful. Once the pool was filled up i jumped in i had the biggest smile on my face and with every surge i felt the bigger need breathe the baby down. Things were taking a while from here, what seemed like the baby will come any moment turned into hours of breathing the baby down. I then had to get out of the pool and start moving around. With each surge now i had really bad back pain and had a really big need to push. The midwife examined me again and the babies head had gone back up because she had turned.

My midwife tried all sorts of positions for me to go into to make the baby turn into the right position but nothing was working, i was still having a strong need to push with every surge and the back pain was getting horrible.

This went on for another few hrs i went onto the bed and tried to sleep between surges as i was so exhausted. I still found it so hard to control not to push at this stage and as i did my water broke. My midwife told me that the baby had its first bowel movement as the water was brown. She discussed it with the other midwife and told me that it might be best to go to the hospital just to be safe and as my labor was taking a long time and nothing was happening.

The car trip was not comfortable at this stage and i really couldn’t wait to get to the hospital. Once at the hospital my midwife and another midwife asked me if they could examine me to see what was happening. At this stage i didn’t care and told them to go ahead. I was 9cm dilated compared to only 5cm at home. I guess the water breaking and the bumpy ride to the hospital really made the difference.

I was on my side with one leg in the air breathing the baby down this position helped a little but they told me if i could go on all fours it would help and will speed thing up. So i got on my knees and put my hands over the bed and it really did make a difference. I was breathing the baby down with each surge and it felt right i knew this would be the end soon when they saw the head they told me i could touch it, it really motivated me to keep going even though i was sooo exhausted and i had no idea where i still had all this energy coming from to keep going.

Once i felt the baby’s head out completely i touched it and broke out into the biggest tears. My midwife said one more breath and the baby will be out. That was the biggest breath i had left in me i gave it all i had and i caught my baby.

I cant explain what i felt,my husband and i were like two babies crying ourselves. It was the most proudest day of my life. Things didn’t really go to plan my labor was about 19 hrs and birth did turn out a little difficult.

I had lost quiet a bit of blood and because my blood is -0 and babies is B+ our bloods got mixed and they suggested for us to stay in hospital overnight to keep a eye on her.Also because she had her first bowel movement they wanted to check if she would have temperature. Todd wasn’t allowed to stay with us so we were not together as a family the first night which was really heartbreaking as we were intending to be in our own home.

I believe it was still a beautiful birth. I honestly think with knowing all the tools you have taught us Melissa it really did help.I feel like the most powerful woman on this planet i feel proud that my husband could see what im capable off. He calls me now his HERO. Birth was always something that i thought i would never be able to go through and at one stage i thought i would never have kids because of the fear of pregnancy and birth. In a way im happy that i didn’t have a really easy labor im happy that i pushed myself to see how strong i really am and what my body is capable of doing. Im SOOOOO happy that i had no drugs my mind was my drug and its what kept me going.

Im soo happy that everything turned out well and bub is all ok. Thank you Melissa for everything.

Melinda and Todd, Hope Island, Gold Coast

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