I had the most amazing, empowering, fulfilling, beautiful water birth at home.

Sophie’s Birth Story

hypnobirthing water birthFirst of all – I want to say thank you so much for the work you do. I’m a midwife and I have seen many women have such amazing experiences thanks to your course. I would love to share my hypnobirthing experience with you and anyone you’d like to share it with.

Here’s my experience:

My first birth was almost 3 years ago, and it, unfortunately, went nothing how I had envisioned. As a Midwife, I thought I would naturally have the positive mindset needed to navigate all the stages of labour, the ability to breathe productively throughout surges and the necessary knowledge around normal birth in order to try to achieve a positive experience for myself. But, midwife aside, as a first time mum, entering into labour unequipped with the tools and techniques which hypnobirthing provides, remains my biggest regret still to this day.

So, when I fell pregnant with our second baby, I had no doubt in my mind that hypnobirthing preparation would be the best decision for me. And it was.

One month ago, I had the most amazing, empowering, fulfilling, beautiful water birth at home. The visualisations, mindset and breathing techniques which hypnobirthing taught me, were absolutely beneficial and I truely can’t imagine my labour or birth without having those tools to use. I vividly remember saying beautiful affirmations in my mind as my body progressed through labour, listening to my audio tracks so calmly, breathing so controlled and purposefully, all while my partner was calm and supportive with his hypnobirthing training at play and visualising waves throughout my surges while gently breathing my baby into this world. The whole experience was nothing but incredible, and ‘empowering’ feels like an understatement. I continue to ride the high of endorphins and accomplishment still one month later and I thank hypnobirthing for giving me the most amazing, liberating, wonderful experience I could imagine

I highly recommend hypnobirthing to all pregnant women and their partners and will continue to do so as I work with pregnant women in my practice as a midwife.

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