I am so proud of myself, my body, and my baby girl and thankful for the hypnobirthing experience.

Jacqueline’s Birth story.

After a caserean with my 2.5 yr old daughter, I really wanted a VBAC. And I’m so happy to announce that through hypnobirthing and empowering myself with knowledge I was able to get it

My waters broke at 2:30pm. I breathed through the surges t hone untill 6pm ad we haded into hospital listening to the tracks on the way. Once there my husband set up the defuse and music and read aloud the affirmation during surges which made a huge difference as they got stronger.

I got to 12:30am and surges had slowed down to 2 per 10mins and I was starting to struggle, I found out later I was 8cm dilated but at the time felt I couldn’t keep going, so I had an epidural at 1 am and rested until 3:30 (I was feeling a bit disappointed at this time as I originally didn’t want an epidural but remembered I need to go with whatever turn it takes). with a small amount of induction drug to get me fully dilated, I was Fully dilated by 3am, the epidural wore off and by 5 am she was born and I was able to pull her up onto my chest.

I Was So proud to have had a vbac.

Because I was having a vbac they wanted to monitor me and baby, and the monitor kept moving and slipping which they had to keep adjusting because I didn’t want the probe stuck in her head, I think this may have affected the progress as they were interrupting me soo much.

But the moment her shoulders were out my doctor told me to reach down and pull her out. So I pulled her body and legs out and her onto my chest. It was amazing.

So proud I got my vbac

I am so proud of myself, my body, and my baby girl and thankful for the hypnobirthing experience.


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