The ‘Positive Birth Program’ Was an Absolute Game Changer!

Hi Melissa,
Olga & Simon Pregnancy Photos
Thank you so much once again for putting together and so passionately sharing your hypnobirthing course – it was an absolute game changer in terms of framing Simon and me towards a positive mindset for birth. I truly wish everyone had the opportunity to have such encouraging and informative antenatal instruction.
We’re at week 39 now, and finally feeling ready to welcome our baby into the world. I had a crisis of confidence the other week (particularly triggered after a midwife appointment at the Birth Centre where I could hear a woman’s sounds in labour) but after sharing my concerns honestly with a friend who recently had a very positive Birth Centre experience, and then doing your Fear Release session PLUS the Birth Rehearsal with Simon, I’m feeling back on track. Thank you so much for providing these tools. Simon is looking forward to doing the birth rehearsal again and I may even do another Fear Release if I feel it is needed. The Fear Release really was an absolute life (or should I say mind!) saver.
And thank you for all of the resources you have provided us with. Lots to get stuck into, but I know it will be worth it!
Best of wishes from both of us,
Olga and Simon
Olga & Simon Pregnancy Photos

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