Slideshow of a breech vaginal birth in Australia

The  Beautiful story from this family from birthwithoutfear.com:

A Footling Breech Homebirth With Pictures


Thank you Tracy for sharing your incredible birth with the BWF Community!  ~Mrs. BWF

A bit of background to my birth:

I went for a scan at just before 38 weeks, which showed the baby lying in an unstable lie transverse/breech. His head was under my right ribs and bottom left hand side while either one or two feet dangled into my pelvis. I knew if I was at a hospital that I would be urged to have an elective c-section pretty much immediately as my last two children came at 38 weeks.

I was a bit upset at first but I had some time to pull it together and I ended up going to see someone to try some cranial sacral work to move baby. She told me baby was reluctant to move and didn’t trust me even though I thought I could birth this way. She said I needed to forget about my other children for that moment and try to connect with my child to move him into a better position. I had to agree that I had not really had much time to connect as I was busy with my other two.

I tried exercises, inversions, reflexology and taking baths submerged lying on my stomach and sometimes I would think he had moved but then be quickly disappointed to feel feet in my pelvis again. I was suggested to to try some osteo or acupuncture to turn him, but by this stage I had accepted his position so stopped trying. I didn’t want to waste my energy being disappointed, but actually redirect it to be able to birth this baby footling breech should he decide to come that way. I am thankful I had almost an extra month of pregnancy than my last two, so I could get in the right frame of mind and connect with my son.

Friday, the 25th of February:

40 weeks plus 6 days, I had been having very mild sporadic contractions all day. I didn’t take much notice as I remembered with DS1 that these had lasted for days. I just carried on as per usual, but by the afternoon I started to get the feeling I may need to be prepared to birth in the following days so I started cleaning everything I could and called my partner W to tie up loose ends at work before he came home.

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