Sadie, born 18 August 2016

hypnobirthing online course hypnobubsOn the 18th August we welcomed our baby girl Sadie into the world. As a first time Mum and someone who was convinced I would never have children due to the fear of child birth, I can safely say my birthing experience was beautiful and I have Hypnobubs to thank for that.

I just really wanted to share with others how much your program helped me. I was literally terrified of labor & your program took a lot of that fear away. Now I look back on my experience with happiness & pride.

From the first contraction I was using the breathing techniques, which really helped but we didn’t use the program until we were in the birth suite.

Literally, as soon as my partner started playing the affirmations on our laptop, I instantly relaxed and it felt a lot easier.

I only used a TENS machine and gas and didn’t once ask for further pain relief, as I was too busy concentrating on my breathing and getting through each contraction.

A few hours later my baby was born and as the midwives put her into my arms I heard Melissa’s voice saying on the affirmations how exciting it will be to have my baby in my arms. It was perfect timing.

It was one of the best decisions I have made using this program and I will recommend it to everyone.

Thank you.

Rebecca (Melbourne)

p.s. You can find your closest Hypnobirthing Australia Classes HERE or learn more about our Hypnobubs Hypnobirthing Online Course HERE.

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