Ryder Robert, born 19 November 2015

Hello Melissa 🙂

Our little hypno Bub has arrived! Ryder Robert was born today 19/11/15 at 1145am weighing a wee 6p4 and a shorty at 49cms haha

hypnobirthing melissa splinted natural birth antenatal classes gold coast brisbane australiaWe had had some extra growth scans because my fundal height was measuring smaller (3cms, no big deal) and my amniotic fluid was on the “low side of normal” (at 7.8).

Ryder was “late” and I’d expressed to the obstetrician I’d like to go to 42 weeks before considering inducing and he advised to go sooner rather than later because of the “low fluid”. I didn’t feel like there was anything wrong and it was healthy pregnancy but I was still apprehensive about pushing for a 42 weeks pregnancy because of the scans and lowish fluid. So at 41 weeks I was booked to be induced….

I cried! I was so upset. I had envisioned a beautiful water birth and being scared from my daughter Peytons horrendous labour and birth I was so determined to have a completely different experience this time. When I arrived for my induction I was somewhat asked why I was there because as far as the midwives could see it was a healthy pregnancy and an induction wasn’t really necessary. My mind raced and I doubted everything at the moment and was disappointed in myself for not sticking to what I had felt was right in the first place. but they’d only let me go to 40+10 anyway which was 3 more days away. So we decided to go ahead but I still had massive doubts in my mind as to whether I was doing the right thing.

I had one lot of prostaglandin gel put in Wednesday 2pm and a second lot put in at 8am Thursday. I cried with doubt that I was doing the right thing and feeling disappointed. I was told I had to monitored the whole time and I felt very confined and caged in having to stay at the hospital for my labour.
But guess what!!!
Simon was amazing (even though I had my doubts haha) he told me everything was going to be fine. I wasn’t allowed to have my water birth. I had to be monitored heaps! Nothing was how I had pictured it. It could’ve been a horrible experience all over again, but The contractions went from 10mins to every 3mins to 1min in a matter of maybe an hour. It was on! I got Simon to call the midwife who wanted to examine me and monitor me (arrgghh!!! Haha) I was 4 cms so she said to hold off going down to the birthing suite. I knew better though and thought “that doesn’t mean anything” I wanted to vomit so I ripped the monitor stuff off and vomited and knew I was well on my way. I felt great!
Got wheeled down to birthing, more monitoring,(and offered drugs, constantly!) but whatever, I was hypnobirthing and Simon was keeping me on track. I got into the shower (still monitoring me) then I felt it…membranes ruptured, bright blood, he was on his way!
The midwife had finally agreed to let me labour in the water but it was too late and I was breathing my beautiful baby down (but I wasn’t telling anyone)
She went to check me (I had to be 6cms before she’d let me in the bath) and she saw him crowning. “Quick, get her in the bed!” She yelled and Simon said “No! You leave her” and 3 pushes and baby Ryder was born and passed into my arms and I felt wonderful!!
I had energy and I was awake! And coherent and just so present and so so soooo proud of myself!

My birth was nothing like what I had envisioned but it was everything I wanted, a natural birth. Yes I cried and I got upset but I am not disappointed and I can not thank you enough for bringing hypnobirthing to us and empowering us to believe we can actually do this! And you’re right, it wasn’t “hard”. I was offered Panadol or codeine as soon as i arrived at hospital, I was offered gas as soon as I got to the birthing suite. And as intense as the surges were I honestly didn’t feel like I needed it. Time went fast and the surges didn’t feel too long. It was nothing I couldn’t handle.

I’m on top of the world. My mother in law asked how I was and I told her I was absolutely fine and could probably get dressed up and go out for dinner…she laughed as if I was full of it. So still people think it can’t be done even though I’ve just done it! Haha
My mum told me I sounded like I was just out for a cup of coffee and she is so proud (she was support person in Peytons labour).

I know this email is super long and will take you 3 weeks to read it all (haha) but I honestly am just so thankful. I am someone who is easily pushed around by doctors etc and doesn’t ask a lot of questions (which is why we ended up being induced unnecessarily) but for the outcome to still be so positive is all I could ever ask. I am beyond proud that I did it! I look back and can’t believe that I DID IT!
Thank you and I will
Continue to spread the word about having a beautiful and positive birth experience no matter what 🙂

Kind regards and forever thankful

Emma and Simon and baby Ryder xx (Gold Coast)

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